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Here Comes the Steam Team! is a UK/AUS DVD containing nine episodes from the twenty-second series of Thomas & Friends.


Join Thomas and the new steam team as they embark on ALL-NEW adventures! Rebecca is the newest rookie on the rails, learning that you don't need to be the strongest or the fastest to be the most useful! Thomas is in China racing Hong-Mei in a bid to become the No.1 Engine, whilst Special Agent Sidney sets out to solve "The Case of the Puzzling Parts". Thomas' tales get him lost in the outback, before he learns that elephants in India really can shunt trucks! With all the changes, Gordon is feeling a little blue. Luckily his new friend Nia is there to show him that not all change is bad.


  1. Confusion Without Delay
  2. What Rebecca Does
  3. Number One Engine
  4. Trusty Trunky
  5. Forever and Ever
  6. Outback Thomas
  7. The Case of the Puzzling Parts
  8. Runaway Truck (separate from the main feature)
  9. Kangaroo Christmas (separate from the main feature)

Bonus Features


  • Some copies of the DVD include a Minis Classic Thomas.
  • The Nordic DVD combines this release with Monkey Trouble! to form a two-disc set.


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