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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the 2010 or 2011 magazine story.

“I'm not Master of the Railway, I'm Master of the Muddle!”

Hiro Helps Out is the twentieth and final episode of the thirteenth series.


Hiro arrives at Knapford station to find the Fat Controller very busy; so busy, in fact, that the Fat Controller leaves his top hat inside his office and bumps into the stationmaster and a porter. Edward arrives and like Hiro, is quite worried about the Fat Controller's unusual behaviour. The Fat Controller has a meeting to attend with the Thin Controller and he does not listen to Edward who tries to ask him where to take his visitors from Brendam Docks.

Hiro decides to help Edward, so as not to bother the Fat Controller and tells Edward to take his visitors to the hills. Later, Hiro finds Thomas taking tables and chairs, but he does not know where to take them; so Hiro tells Thomas to go and visit Farmer Trotter. Finally, Hiro finds Percy taking ducks, who want to go for a swim; so, Hiro tells Percy to take the Fenland Track so that the ducks can have a swim.

Hiro thinks he is doing a good job until he sees the Fat Controller, on his way back from the meeting looking very cross. Edward's visitors are supposed to be at the Town Hall for a concert, which is where Thomas is also supposed to be with the tables and chairs, and Farmer McColl is waiting for his ducks. Hiro feels very bad and rather silly; he has not been the "Master of the Railway," he has been the "Master of the Muddle." Hiro tells the Fat Controller that he did not want to bother him, and the Fat Controller reminds Hiro that he is in charge of the Railway.

Hiro decides to sort out his muddle for the Fat Controller, so he tells Edward and Thomas to go to Knapford station where the Fat Controller will give them his orders. Then, he finds Percy, who cannot get the ducks back inside their boxes. Using his whistle to make duck noises, Hiro helps Percy. Once Thomas, Edward and Percy are at Knapford, the Fat Controller tells them where to go and Hiro promises himself to always be helpful to the Fat Controller - the right way in the future.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

US and Canada


  • This episode was shown in select US theatres in October 2010.
  • This is the only thirteenth series episode in which the main character is not a member of the Steam Team.
  • The events of this story is similar to The Green Controller.
  • In Poland, this episode premiered before Hero of the Rails, so the audience would not know about Hiro.
  • This is the last episode to be released on home media in South Korea.


  • The Fat Controller refers to Mr. Percival as "The Thin Controller" in the US narration. This is the only time Mr. Percival is referred to as such in said dub.
  • Hiro says "Good morning" to the Fat Controller, but the clock at Knapford reads 4:20.
  • The lighting on Knapford in the final scene with the engines is darker than normal.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese A Ajuda de Hiro
Catalan En Hiro vol ajudar
Chinese Mandarin 西诺帮忙
Czech Hiro pomáhá
Danish Hjælpsomme Hiro
Finnish Hiro Apulaisena
French Hiro en fait trop!
German Der Herr des Kuddelmuddels
Greek Χιρο βοηθάει
Hungarian Hiro besegít
Icelandic Hiró hjálpar til
Indonesian Bantuan Hiro
Italian Hiro l'Aiutante
Japanese ヒロのだいかつやく
Korean 히로의 실수 (dub)
히로의 도움 (subtitles)
Latin American Spanish Hiro Ayuda a los Demás
Norwegian Hiro hjelper til
Polish Pomocnik Hirek
Romanian Hiro Vrea să Ajute
Russian Горе - начальник
Serbian Hiro priskače u pomoć
Swedish Hiro hjälper till

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