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“What should I do?"
"The same as always. You'll be helpful Hiro...helping me!”
―Hiro and the Fat Controller

Hiro Helps Out is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using photographs from the CGI television series.


One morning, as he puffs into Knapford, Hiro sees that the Fat Controller is not wearing his top-hat. The Fat Controller explains that it is a very busy day and he must have mislaid it. He goes off and comes back moments later with his hat which he had left in the office. He tells Hiro that he has a meeting before hastily leaving. Edward is puzzled and worried; he has not been told where to take his passengers. Hiro decides to take charge and tells Edward to take the passengers to the hills.

A while later, Hiro meets up with Thomas who is on his way to get instructions from the Fat Controller regarding what to do with his trucks. Hiro tells Thomas that the Fat Controller is very busy and that the tank engine should wait until later.

Further up the line, Hiro meets Percy who is on his way to ask the Fat Controller where he is to deliver his load of ducks. Hiro tells Percy to wait like Thomas. Then Hiro meets up with the Fat Controller, who is very cross. None of his engines were doing their jobs. Hiro, who thought he was helping, is sorry and says that he will fix everything right away.

He finds Edward, Thomas, and Percy and instructs them to go to Knapford to get their orders from the Fat Controller. When all of the engines have gone off to do their jobs, Hiro returns to Knapford where he nervously asks the Fat Controller what he should do. The Fat Controller smiles and tells him that he should be "Helpful Hiro", helping him.





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