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“Oh dear! What a busy day. Where's my hat?”
―Sir Topham Hatt

Hiro Helps Out is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using photographs from the CGI television series. It was later published in the 2011 Thomas Annual and 2013 Thomas Annual.


The Fat Controller has a busy day ahead of him; he has to go to a meeting about the railway. Edward is worried as he has not been given his job for the day, but Hiro does not want him to bother the Fat Controller, so he tells Edward to go to the hills. Later, Hiro meets up with Thomas who is going to ask the Fat Controller where to take his trucks. Hiro tells him that the Fat Controller is busy and he has to wait until later. Next, Hiro meets Percy who is going to ask the Fat Controller where to take his load of ducks. But Hiro tells him to wait too.

Hiro later meets the Fat Controller. He is very angry because none of his engines have done their jobs. Hiro feels terrible; he thought he had been helping. Hiro quickly finds Edward, Thomas, and Percy and sends them to see the Fat Controller at Knapford. Hiro then chuffs to Knapford to receive his orders. The Fat Controller tells him he will do what he always does; he will be helpful Hiro.




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