This article is about 'the 2012 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 2010 magazine story'.

Hooray, Henry, later retitled Hooray for Henry, is a magazine story.


One day, Henry is about to chuff onto the turntable, when Gordon tests his whistle. Gordon's loud whistle makes Henry jump. He is not watching where he is going and rolls off the rails. Henry has to wait for Harvey to lift him back onto the line. The Fat Controller is very cross. Henry goes to fill up with coal. As Henry approaches Arthur, some coal dust blows into his eyes and he bumps into Arthur. The Fat Controller is even more cross.

Next Henry sets off to collect some timber. He passes some walkers with their dog, Pip. Suddenly, Henry's brakes slip and a log rolls off his flatbed. The noise frightens Pip, who jumps into a nearby river. The log tumbles down the bank and into the river where the terrified dog is struggling to fight against the current. The log floats near the dog, who is able to scramble on top of it. The log drifts up the river until it narrows. The log gets wedged between the banks and the walkers are able to rescue their dog. Henry had saved the day by making yet another mistake.



  • Gordon is missing his blue steampipe from the side of his smokebox.


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