“I don't think!”
―Percy, after trying Henry's cure for hiccups

Horrible Hiccups is a magazine story. It was re-released with some alterations in 2013.


One morning, Percy is in a rush and takes on water much too fast and develops hiccups. The passengers do not like being jolted around by Percy's hiccups and the Fat Controller orders Percy to get rid of the horrible hiccups immediately.

Henry says he knows a cure and tells Percy to hold his steam, but it does not work. Then Emily rolls in with an idea. She has heard that taking on ice-cold water does the trick. Percy tries it, but it does not work. Soon the Fat Controller loses patience with poor Percy and orders him to leave the station and he is not to return until the horrible hiccups have stopped.

Out in the countryside, Bertie drives past Percy. As he does so, the bus' tyre bursts with a bang. The sudden, loud noise makes Percy jump. His hiccups are cured and Percy heads back to work.



  • Henry's steam pipes are missing.
  • The top of Percy's coal bunker is green instead of black.
  • In the third illustration, Percy is missing a porthole.


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