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The Sodor Ice Cream Factory own at least four special ventilated vans used for transporting ice cream and other related ingredients.


Thomas & Friends

On one hot summer's day, the Ice Cream Factory manager arranged for Thomas to deliver ice cream to Norramby as the ice cream stall had ran out of ice cream. [1]

Technical Details


The ice cream vans are based on London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) 12 Ton Diagram 102 12 Ton Vans. These vans were owned by the LNER with some later being owned by British Railways.

Lei is also based on this van along with many other vans.


The ice cream vans are painted cream with the Sodor Ice Cream Factory logo on their sides. Their rooftops are painted dark grey.



  • Two of the ice cream vans are currently on display at Drayton Manor.
  • When they appeared in Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, they are the least drastically changed rolling stock compared to the original series. However, they still gained some notable changes in their design:
    • They are painted light blue with icicles hanging down from the rooftops.
    • Unlike the original series it has eight wheels.
    • Their rooftops are painted black.



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