“Just you make sure my coaches are ready for my evening train!”

In a Muddle is a magazine story.


Bill and Ben are needed at the main station by the Fat Controller. He is short of engines and in need of their help in the yards. The twins shunt coaches and trucks in the yards but the other engines are snooty towards them. Especially Gordon, but they 'thought' that it was a scrapyard which makes Gordon cross. The twins tease him all day. The trucks are being very tricky to the twins and begin their tricks. Gordon's coaches end up nowhere in sight! The twins let the trucks tell them where to put things and the yard became a terrible mess. Trucks are in the coaches' sidings while Gordon and his passengers are waiting impatiently. The twins find the coaches and rush them over to Gordon. But by the time he leaves it is already twenty minutes late! The Fat Controller is very cross with the twins and send them back to the quarry. Bill and Ben feel very foolish and sad.




  • There seems to be a small black slash on one of the twins' face on the last illustration. 


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