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Isla is an air ambulance who befriends Thomas during his time working in Australia.


Thomas & Friends

Thomas was first introduced to Isla in the Australian outback when Shane saw her in the sky, jokingly telling Thomas that she was a flying koala. Isla next appeared when Thomas was stuck on a broken bridge and tried to get her attention to be rescued, but she flew away and informed Shane, leaving Thomas thinking she did not notice him. Later, Shane arrived, pulled Thomas back to safety and explained that Isla told him that Thomas was on the broken bridge.

Later, on Christmas Day, Isla found Thomas chugging down the tracks with Aubrey and Aiden and learnt that he was trying to find the mother kangaroo of a joey he found and asked her for help. Isla agreed to help and flew off to look for the mother, who she found on a lakeshore. Isla then guided her back towards the tracks where Thomas was able to reunite her with her joey. Later that evening, Isla wished Thomas a Merry Christmas alongside Shane.

Some time later, Thomas was working at an Australian quarry when Isla arrived with Doctor Claire to take care of a workman with a sprained arm. Inspired to try and be a rolling doctor like how Isla is a Flying Doctor, Thomas tried to get to some of the emergency calls Isla and Dr. Claire were summoned for. Unfortunately, Isla was able to get there and treat the victims herself, making Thomas jealous. However, she flew by later to warn Thomas, Shane, Aubrey and Aiden that a cyclone was about to hit Australia and she needed to evacuate the townsfolk from a town located directly in the storm's path. However, when the storm's fierce winds proved too much for her to maintain flight, she was forced to turn back. Thomas agreed to take Aubrey and Aiden with Dr. Claire into the eye of the storm to rescue the townsfolk instead. Later, once the storm has passed, Isla congratulated Thomas on his heroism with Shane.


Isla is a Flying Doctor's plane who is always ready for an emergency and has helped many in times of need, but does not like to brag about it. She is a kind and respectful plane who takes her job seriously.

Technical Details


Isla is based on the King Air B200 manufactured by Beechcraft. They were initially used for military service, but entered civil use in 1974. Australia currently leases a number of B200s as part of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and the Royal Australian Air Force. Emerson shares the same basis.


Isla is painted in the livery of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia; white with a red underbelly, with a blue tail and lining. The RFDS logo is painted on the sides of her tail.


Voice Actors


  • Isla's model was modified and reskinned from Emerson's.
  • An episode description for Cyclone Thomas refers to Isla as Ruby, possibly revealing this was a working name for her. [2]
  • Isla has been slightly modified from her basis.
    • Her front nose has been flattened to accommodate her face.


  • Wood (only available in Big World Adventures Set)



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