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The Island Records Office is an office located at Suddery dedicated to preserving documents and records related to Sudrian history.


The Railway Series

Following the donation of Ulfstead Castle to the Sodor Island Trust, the castle muniments, which included such treasures as the Sigrid Saga and the Book of Sir Harald, were placed on loan to the Island Records Office, by courtesy of Richard Robert Norramby, Earl of Sodor.

Other documents in the Office's collection include Dunstan's Chronicle (found by Albert Regaby, Lord Harwick in the Kellson family papers), the Chronicles of the Clerk of Wellsworth, written in Latin and covering the years 1193-1234 (found among the Cronk Abbey papers by Lord Harwick), the Ogmund saga (found by Lord Harwick at Peel Godred) and the Chronicles of Arnold of Cronk (found among the Cronk Abbey papers by Canon Dreswick).



  • The Island Records Office appearance in the television series was confirmed by Sam Wilkinson's 2014 map.


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