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The Island of Sodor, or simply Sodor, is an island in the United Kingdom and is the main setting for All Engines Go.




  • In the original series, the Island was situated off the north-west coast of England near the real town of Barrow-in-Furness, but this was deemed "not important" to the reboot.
    • It was said to be moved very far away from the rest of the world; however, according to Rick Suvalle, despite Sodor being its own country, it's still connected to the Mainland. Also, in the episode Overnight Stop, it's stated Thomas, Percy and Nia have to go to Wayland, a real life location in the UK, confirming Sodor is once again located near England.
  • Contrary to the previous series’ mostly British culture, Sodor is far more diverse in All Engines Go, such as the inclusion of High Desert and the presence of architecture from various different countries (e.g, McColl Farm's barn is loosely based off an American barn).
  • The North Western Railway is now the only railway on Sodor, with the Skarloey, Arlesdale, and Culdee Fell railways being retconned out of the franchise.
  • Sodor has its own flag, which consists of a white center, two thin horizontal orange stripes on top of the center, and two horizontal blue stripes on top of the orange stripes.
  • Sodor is approximately 62 miles east to west and 51 miles north to south.
  • Its name comes from the Diocese of Sodor and Man.
  • The Rev. W. Awdry's house in Rodborough, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, where he lived from 1965 until his death in 1997, was named after Sodor.
  • The design of the map changes throughout the series, with some branchlines removed, and others changing layouts. There is also a version of the map that was released with merchandise.