“We're all going on a summer holiday...”
―Thomas and Rosie singing

It's Okay to be Scared is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One bright morning, the Steam Team are looking forward to doing their jobs for the day. Thomas is especially excited; he explains that he and Rosie have a delivery for Norramby Beach where they are building new beach huts in time for the summer.

Thomas soons speeds off to find Rosie and the Fat Controller. The engines are soon loaded with wood and sent on their way. As they chuff merrily along, they admire the beautiful views and sing summer songs. They are having such a lovely time, that they do not notice that they are almost at the seaside until Thomas declares that he can see the donkeys. Just then, Thomas spots a new bridge that has only just been finished. It looks very scary and Thomas does not want to cross it.

When Rosie looks back, she sees Thomas slowing down. He calls to tell Rosie to carry on without him. Rosie is confused and asks Thomas what is wrong, but the little blue tank engine is too embarrassed to say. Eventually, Thomas admits that he is frightened of the high bridge. Although Rosie laughs at this at first, she sees how upset Thomas is and apologises. She admits that she did not think Thomas was scared of anything, to which Thomas tells her that everybody is scared of something. Rosie now feels silly and has a plan to make it up to Thomas. Rosie suggests they cross the bridge as a team. Thomas feels frightened, but he does not want to let anyone down. As they cross over the bridge, Rosie tells Thomas a joke to take his mind off it and before he realises it, they have crossed the high bridge.

Thomas thanks Rosie for her clever plan and admits it was not so scary after all, while Rosie thanks Thomas for teaching her that it is okay to be scared. Then, the two friends set off to deliver their wood.




  • Thomas and Rosie sing a line from the 1963 song "Summer Holiday" by Cliff Richard and the Shadows.
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