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“Oh, no! Now I've broken a tower and my snowplough. I will be in lots of trouble!”

It's Only Snow! is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using photographs from the television series.


One snowy winter morning, the Fat Controller asks Thomas to collect something and take it to Callan. He instructs Thomas to put a snowplough on. Thomas groans loudly; he hates to wear his snowplough. It takes a lot of people to fit Thomas' snowplough and Thomas is so cross that he almost forgets about his special delivery.

Thomas cheers up when he sees that he is to take a big Christmas tree. Thomas puffs happily along the track, singing carols. Suddenly, there is a huge crash as Thomas hits a snow-covered rock on the line. The rock snaps Thomas' plough. Then Toby comes along and offers to push Thomas so that they can get through the snow together. Unfortunately, Thomas' broken plough knocks over a water tower. Thomas is upset; now he has a broken plough and has smashed a water tower. He is sure he will be in trouble. Toby suggests that they wait for the repair truck, but Thomas is determined to deliver the Christmas tree.

At last, Thomas and Toby arrive at the village station. The villagers cheer, but Thomas is still worried about what the Fat Controller will say about the broken plough and water-tower.

Luckily, the Fat Controller is not cross at all. He tells Thomas that the villagers had a wonderful party and it was all thanks to Thomas. He calls Thomas brave for battling his way through the snow without his plough. He finishes by saying that there are no spare snowploughs so Thomas will have to manage without one for a while, which Thomas beams happily about.





  • The image used depicts the village station as Maithwaite and Thomas' snowplough seems to have fixed itself.


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