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Ivan Farrier is the Chief Engineer of the Arlesdale Railway.


The Railway Series

Ivan Farrier has been Chief Engineer since the railway's opening in 1967. That year, he built Frank out of spare parts from other engines. In 1969, he designed a Diesel/Hydraulic 2-C-2 locomotive, Sigrid of Arlesdale, who was built by Severn-Lamb of Stratford,. In 1973, he fitted Bert with a Kylchap blast pipe, a taller chimney and enlarged cab to fix his problems with shy steaming.

After Rex's steampipe began leaking one day, Frank had to take his train, and the Small Controller began thinking that they needed another engine. So he arranged with Ivan Farrier for another locomotive to be built at Arlesburgh Works. Ivan Farrier then designed and helped build Jock. He worked in close consultation with Ian Smith, Chief Engineer of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, who also needed a fourth steam locomotive.

He was the one who first revealed the secret plans to build Jock to Bert when the latter was awaiting new tubes to cure his loss of steam.

In 1985, he replaced Sigrid of Arlesdale's Ford 4 cylinder engine, with a 6 cylinder Perkins from plans made by the Small Controller.



The Railway Series

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