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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Philippines DVD or the magazine story.

“Oh, b-b-b-b-bother.”

Jack Frost is the sixteenth episode of the sixth series.


It is an icy winter day on Sodor, and the Fat Controller's engines are working very hard. They are not bothered by the cold weather because of their warm fireboxes. Later in the evening, the Fat Controller arrives at Tidmouth Sheds and announces to his engines that a snowstorm is coming to the island, so he has Percy and James collect coal for the stations to keep them warm. After Thomas mischievously warns them about Jack Frost James is dismissive, while Percy is uncertain about Thomas' warning.

When the skies darken, Percy begins his coal deliveries and grows nervous while trying to assure himself that Jack Frost is not scary. At the same time, James is puffing along his route, scoffing over Percy's uncertainty of Jack Frost. Percy soon makes his final delivery at Lowery Suddery station to find the stationmaster waiting for him; he needs twice as much coal so Percy offers to let them use the coal from his bunker. Percy's crew then park him in a nearby siding with a lantern as a night light. Percy is worried Jack Frost will find him, but his driver reassures him that Jack Frost is not scary and that Elizabeth will deliver him a new supply of coal in the morning. After his crew head home for bedtime, a snowstorm comes in late at night, where Percy is soon covered in snow and icicles. He is extremely frozen and can barely speak. Meanwhile, James finishes his deliveries and heads back home to Tidmouth Sheds, still scoffing over Percy's remark. On the way, he sees unusual and scary shaped shadows in the distance through the heavy fog, but when he finds Percy frozen, he mistakes him for "Scary Jack Frost" and runs home terrified.

The next morning, Elizabeth brings Percy a new supply of coal, and she is surprised to see Percy completely frozen. His fire soon starts, and the snow and icicles melt off, and he decides that Jack Frost is actually not scary at all. When Percy returns to the sheds, James is bragging to the others that he saw Jack Frost. Percy adds that James was scared of him too, but the red engine is still able to make good humour of the situation.




  • Edited stock footage from Percy's Promise is used. This is denoted by the fact that Percy's floor appears to be wet and floorboards are used to start up the fire instead of coal.
  • This episode marks only sixth series episode that was not released on VHS and the first to only be released in a Complete Series DVD in the UK. However, it was featured on the Australian VHS, Twin Trouble.
  • This episode was broadcast the same day The Fogman and Other Stories was released.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of two things:
    • The final appearance of Lower Suddery, non-counting being mentioned in All in Vain.
    • The final appearance of The Firelighter.
  • The episode shares its name with the European mythological figure of the same name.
  • This episode aired in Japan before Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry, so Japanese viewers would not know who Elizabeth is.


  • After Percy repeatedly say's "Jack Frost is not scary" he stops moving before the shot cuts.
  • When Percy turns into Jack Frost some of the snow piling up on his side near his lamp disappears for a brief moment.
  • The shot of Percy when Elizabeth says, "It looks like Jack Frost really got you then," is mirrored as Percy's lamp and brake pipe are on the wrong side of his running board and his number "6" is flipped.
  • When James arrives at Tidmouth Sheds, Duck's eyes are wonky.
  • At the end of the episode when all the engines are whistling, Duck's whistle sound is cut off twice.


Percy: [shivering; with icicles accumulating all over him] O-oh, b-b-b-bother!

Percy: [frozen] Hello, J-J-J-J-James!

Elizabeth: [sees the frozen Percy] Oh, my dear! It looks like Jack Frost really got you!


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 杰克·弗罗斯特
Czech Ledový skřet
Danish Jack Frost
Dutch De Verschrikkelijke Sneeuwman
Hungarian Fagybátyó
Italian L'uomo di Neve
Japanese ジャックフロスト
Korean 동장군
Norwegian Jack Frost
Polish Dziadek Mróz
Romanian Moş Gerilă
Russian Мороз - красный нос
Slovenian Ledenko
Swedish Kung Bure
Welsh Sion Barrug

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