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Jack & the Sodor Construction Company (or Jack and the Pack [1][2]) was a mini-series devised by Phil Fehrle to be a spin-off of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. All thirteen episodes were narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and Michael Brandon in the US.


Plans for this mini-series were soon scrapped following HiT Entertainment's takeover, likely due to it being considered too similar to Bob the Builder, the company's existing construction-themed series. Twenty-six episodes were planned, but only thirteen (half of the series) were filmed due to the takeover and budget constraints. The characters of the Sodor Construction Company first appeared in two sixth series episodes, Jack Jumps In and A Friend in Need, which were written as the pilot episodes for the mini-series. On August 24, 2006, a US DVD called On Site with Thomas and Other Adventures was released, containing six episodes of the series. Later, on October 2nd of that same year, a UK DVD called Thomas' Trusty Friends was released, containing eleven episodes of the series, including all the remaining ones that had not yet been released. Since then, The Pack has made appearances in The Great Discovery special and the twelfth series episode Percy and the Bandstand.

Jack returned in CGI form in the 2013 special King of the Railway and appeared again in the second 2015 special Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, in which Alfie, Oliver, Max and Monty also returned. They have since become recurring characters, and starting with the twenty-third series, new members have started being introduced.

For this series, large-scale models of Thomas, Percy and Trevor were built. Thomas and Percy's models are now on display at the Hara Model Railway Museum in Japan (previously on display at Thomas Town). Trevor is preserved to Twitter user ThomasTankMerch. They also own a 7 plank truck that was used during the show's production.



Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
JackJumpsIn61Jack Jumps InPhil Fehrle
Jonathan Trueman
Abi Grant
24th September 2002#01
Jack the front loader is eager to be really useful but foolishly tries to take a load of rocks up a hill himself, leading to disaster.
AFriendinNeed96A Friend in NeedPhil Fehrle
Jonathan Trueman
Abi Grant
25th September 2002#02
Ned the steam shovel knocks the keystone out of a bridge. It begins to fall as Thomas approaches it, so Jack tries to hold it up with his bucket.


Screenshot Official title (top)
Original title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
AVisitFromThomas48 "A Visit from Thomas"
Paul Dawson 24th August 2006 #01
Whilst digging the foundations for a new school, Oliver the Excavator unearths a dinosaur skeleton.
JackOwnsUp23 "Jack Owns Up" Paul Larson 24th August 2006 #02
Jack knocks over some roofing slate. When Ned is blamed for the accident, will Jack do the right thing and own up to save his friend?
OnSiteWithThomas59 "On Site with Thomas"
"Who's the Boss"
Will Ing 24th August 2006 #03
The Pack all argue about whose job is more important - including Patrick the Cement Mixer who ends up face-first in his own concrete.
Percy'sScaryTale43 "Percy's Scary Tale"
"Scaredy, Scaredy"
Jonathan Trueman 24th August 2006 #04
Kelly tells a scary story about a one-eyed truck to the machines. Max and Monty tease everyone about it, but end up looking silly.
Kelly'sWindyDay14 "Kelly's Windy Day"
"Five Easy Pieces"
Phil Fehrle 24th August 2006 #05
Kelly is blown over by strong winds which makes him nervous of working in windy conditions. Can he face up to his fear in order to save Isobella?
AHappyDayforPercy60 "A Happy Day for Percy"
"Byron Saves the Day"
Paul Larson 24th August 2006 #06
Byron the Bulldozer is tired of being ignored. He is later the centre of attention when he has to save Alfie.
ATaleforThomas80 "A Tale for Thomas"
"The Lightning Tree"
Paul Larson 2nd October 2006 #07
The Pack are repairing the Lightning Tree in Maithwaite Forest when Max and Monty run into it. The tree is about to collapse, but can Jack, Alfie, Kelly and Oliver save it?
ThomasAndTheMoles52 "Thomas and the Moles"
"Buster 1, Moles 0"
Jan Needle 2nd October 2006 #08
Buster feels left out when he does not have any jobs to do. However, Miss Jenny discovers mole hills on a field and calls Buster to flatten the mole hills.
PercyHelpsOut48 "Percy Helps Out"
"Nelson Gets Carried Away"
Brian Trueman 2nd October 2006 #09
Nelson is tired of his job of always having to carry the other machines and dreams to be carried himself.
TheTortoiseAndTheHare12 "The Tortoise and the Hare" Will Ing 2nd October 2006 #10
Max and Monty tease Buster about being slow and challenge him to a race.
Thomas'TrustyFriends72 "Thomas' Trusty Friends"
"Another Fine Mess"
Paul Larson 2nd October 2006 #11
Ned is disappointed when Oliver is given the chance to demolish buildings.
AlfieHasKittens59 "Alfie Has Kittens" Abi Grant 2nd October 2006 #12
Alfie is depressed when the other machines tease him for being small. However, he learns that being small can be very useful.
MudGloriousMud49 "Mud Glorious Mud" Jonathan Trueman 2nd October 2006 #13
The machines run out of fuel, so Isobella is sent to pick up some more. She does not like getting dirty, but is forced to go through muddy paddocks.


Screenshot Official title (top)
Original title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
NoImagePlaceholder "No Dozer is an Island" Brian Trueman n/a n/a
NoImagePlaceholder "All Work, No Play" n/a n/a
NoImagePlaceholder "Safety First" Robin Rigby n/a n/a
NoImagePlaceholder "Treasure Hunt" Robin Rigby n/a n/a
NoImagePlaceholder "Jack's Snow Rescue" Paul Dawson n/a n/a
A group of schoolchildren are trapped high in the mountains. Jack is fitted with a snowplough and rumbles into heroic action.
NoImagePlaceholder "Bossy Byron" Paul Larson n/a n/a
When Kelly is sent for repairs, Byron puts himself in charge and starts to boss all the other machines about.
NoImagePlaceholder "The Importance of Being Patrick" n/a n/a
Patrick feels he is being taken for granted and Miss Jenny gets a frantic phone call about holes in a concrete path.
NoImagePlaceholder "Pop Goes the Diesel" Paul Larson n/a n/a
Max and Monty tell Isobella that Miss Jenny will soon get rid of the steam-powered vehicles in favour of diesel-powered ones.
NoImagePlaceholder "Jack and the Quack" n/a n/a
Jack accidentally damages a duck pond and is disappointed when he is forced to look everywhere for the ducks.
NoImagePlaceholder "Alfie Has a Secret" n/a n/a
Alfie builds a crossing for some hedgehogs, while Jack and Isobella make one for the schoolchildren.
NoImagePlaceholder "Isobella Gets Steamed" n/a n/a
The vicar's tractor engine breaks down and Isobella has to pull the float with the choir.
NoImagePlaceholder "Grass is Greener" n/a n/a
Jack and Alfie decide to swap jobs. However, Jack grows restless and Alfie becomes exhausted.
NoImagePlaceholder "Kelly's Heroes" n/a n/a



Characters Introduced


  • This series takes place after the events of A Friend in Need, although it was filmed alongside the seventh series in 2003[3], but not released until 2006.
  • This mini-series, if classified as a series in its own right, is the shortest series to date, having only thirteen episodes.
  • Lots of the episodes had different titles (e.g. Oliversaurus; Who's the Boss; Buster 1, Moles 0; Byron Saves The Day; Nelson Gets Carried Away; Five Easy Pieces; Scaredy Scaredy; Another Fine Mess) but they were renamed to include Thomas or Percy. In fact, only 4 episodes kept their original titles. (Jack Owns Up, The Tortoise and the Hare, Alfie Has Kittens and Mud Glorious Mud).
  • This is the second series directed by Steve Asquith, following the sixth series.
  • The opening and closing credits for the spin-off series use the eighth series intro sequence and credit scene.
  • This series was never shown in Latin America, Brazil, China, Croatia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, Norway, Finland, Japan, Greece, Israel, Middle East, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Sweden or Wales.
  • Percy's model for this series has red step ladders on the end of his running board instead of green, and his dome is green instead of gold.
  • Series 21 is also one of the shortest series to date with 18 episodes due to the developement of Big World! Big Adventures! and Series 22 being planned next.
  • The Official Website, as well as various magazine articles and file facts, state that the Horrid Lorries were "especially built to work at the Sodor Construction Company". It is therefore possible that they may have been originally intended to be a part of the Pack.
  • This is the only series to feature Alfie's horn sound.
  • If classified as a series, then this the only series in which where Gordon, James, Henry, Toby and Salty appear, but never speak.
    • Also, if that being the case, this is the only series in which where Toby does not appear outside of stock footage and the only series to date where Edward does not appear.


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