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“I'm sorry, sir, I put my own job first!"
"But you did learn your lesson and you helped Diesel. And you delivered your coal on time. You, James, are a Really Useful Engine!”
―James and the Fat Controller

James Goes Too Far is the twenty-third episode of the eighth series.


Percy is taking the mail and pulls up alongside James at a red signal. His signal turns to green and James is cross as he was there before Percy; but his driver explains that Percy's mail is more important than James' slow-goods. Later, James is still grumpy when Thomas gets to cut in front of him at the water tower because of the same reason.

Later, James is given an important job to deliver coal to all the stations. Feeling important, James refuses to wait to take on more water and will not help Edward with his jobs. However, once he collects the coal trucks and starts his job, James soon runs out of water. Edward arrives with his passenger train, but he cannot help James as he is running late. Edward warns the signalman up ahead, and soon Salty arrives to help James, who finds himself being scolded by the diesel for not helping Edward. Salty then reminds him that no job is more important than helping another engine.

With Salty's help, James gets more water and carries on with his deliveries. When he sees Diesel breaking down, he remembers Salty's advice and helps Diesel to the repair yard. After that, he carries on with his coal deliveries and, the next day, the Fat Controller praises James for learning his lesson by helping Diesel and getting his job done.




  • Going by production order, this is the tenth episode of the eighth series.
  • In one scene, a White Star line poster and a Southern Railway poster are seen.
  • A portrait of this episode was used in the Fat Controller's office during the CGI Series, although James is missing his face in the portrait.
  • In the individual version of the episode, the music is omitted at the end.


  • In the scene of Thomas and James at the water tower, the water tube is not put into Thomas' fill cap tank.
  • When James' water tank runs dry, a steam platform is visible just before he stops.
  • James' driver says "your water tanks have run dry" when James, being a tender engine, only has one water tank which is in his tender.
  • In the close-ups of Diesel, his face is wonky.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese James Vai Longe Demais
Chinese Mandarin 詹姆士跑得太快
Croatian Jurica je Pretjerao
Czech Jakub Zašel Příliš Daleko
Danish James Får en Vigtig Opgave
Dutch James Gaat te Ver
Finnish Jaska Menee Liian Pitkälle
French James Va Trop Loin
German James übertreibt
Greek πάρα πολύ γρήγορα
Hungarian James Túl Messzire Megy
Italian L'incarico Più Importante
Japanese いきすぎだよ、ジェームス
Korean 남을 돕는 기쁨
Latin American Spanish James va Demasiado Lejos
Norwegian James Går For Langt
Polish Kuba Dostaje Nauczkę
Romanian J ames Merge Prea Departe
Russian Джеймс заходит слишком далеко
Scottish Gaelic Obair Chudtromach
Swedish James Går Över Styr

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