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“That (slimy) old tub?! Gordon tricked me; he wants me to get dirty! I'll show him! A shiny engine like me never gets dirty!”
―James finding out that the Queen of Sodor is actually an old barge

James and the Queen of Sodor is the seventh episode of the seventh series.


James is very proud of his bright red paint and thinks his work is very important. One day, he is at the wash down when Percy arrives. His whistle is clogged with quarry dust, so he blows hard to clean it. But he accidentally blows mud all over Gordon, making Gordon very angry. James brags that he is collecting the mayor today, which Gordon thinks should be his job. But James laughs and tells him that he needs a wash first. James collects the mayor and puffs on his way.

Later at Tidmouth Sheds, the Fat Controller asks for a volunteer to collect the Queen of Sodor, a leaky old barge. James pulls into the sheds, which gives Gordon an idea; as James was not there to hear the entire conversation, Gordon loudly asks the Fat Controller if collecting the Queen of Sodor is important, which it is. James loudly announces that he will collect her and sets off happily while Gordon sees that his plan is working.

James arrives at Brendam Canal and is angry to see that the Queen of Sodor is a rusty, grimy old barge. He realises that Gordon tricked him and James is determined to prove that a shiny engine never gets dirty, so he sets off with the Queen of Sodor.

Throughout his very long journey, James tries his hardest not to get dirty. He does not notice a pipe stretched across in front of the boat. The Queen of Sodor crashes through the pipe, pouring sludge all over the boat and the tracks. However, James stops in time and manages to stay clean and shiny. After the mess is cleared up and the barge's wheelhouse and funnel are cut down, James puffs on his way, finally reaching the smelter's shed clean and shiny.

When James returns to the sheds, Gordon is surprised to see him still clean. Then Percy arrives and moans that his whistle is clogged with dust again. He warns James to watch out and blows hard. Dust goes everywhere and covers James. Thomas teases him by telling him that now he is the one who needs a wash, but James insists that he is still a splendid engine.




  • Going by production order, this is the sixth episode of the seventh series.
  • Stock footage from Oliver Owns Up, extended stock footage from Four Little Engines, and mirrored stock footage from James and the Red Balloon is used.
  • Toad's scrap model from Escape can be seen when James enters the smelter's yard as well as City of Truro and Donald and Douglas' scrap models.
  • In a rare still, James is in Duck's place at Tidmouth Sheds at the end.
  • In contrary to Duck's speaking role, he doesn't have any line of dialogue other than a simple groan with the other engines.
  • This episode marks the only appearance of The Queen of Sodor.
  • This episode marks the last with two things:
    • The last appearance of the Smelter's Yard Manager.
    • Duck's last speaking role until the twelfth series episode, Excellent Emily, along with his only speaking role in the seventh series despite him groaning with Thomas, Gordon, and Percy in that episode.
  • The LT warehouse from TUGS makes an appearance.
  • Toad's faceless model can be seen near Tidmouth Sheds at the end.
  • This episode marks the first of two things:
    • The first mention of the Mayor of Sodor in the television series.
    • The Dockyard Manager's first speaking role.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Brendam Canal since No Joke for James.


  • When the barge crashes through the pipe, during the facial shots of James, he appears to be beside a cement base supporting the pipes. But in back-end shots, he is several centimetres from the base. Then, as James says "Shiny and clean, shiny and clean!", he is beside the cement base again.
  • As the stock footage from James and the Red Balloon is mirrored, James' number 5 looks like it has been flipped over.
  • When James returns to the sheds, Henry can be seen next to Gordon, but in the shot of Gordon when he asks James how he managed to stay so clean, Henry disappears for the rest of the episode.
  • In the final scene, both Thomas' and Duck's eyes are wonky.
  • When Gordon passes under the bridge and says "Show off," the first coach in his train slightly shakes.
  • The Queen of Sodor is said to be going to the workshops, but she is really going to the smelter's.
  • When James passes Suddery Castle, his face is missing.
  • Since stock footage is used:
    • Skarloey has his brass ring around his funnel, and he looks cross when the narrator says: "They are happiest when the Fat Controller gives them important work to do."
    • Annie and Clarabel are in their old orange-brown liveries and the former is facing the wrong way.
    • Tidmouth Tunnel appears in its original design and the lake next to the tunnel is bigger.
  • The first close-up shot of the Queen of Sodor is mirrored as the dockside and ships are on her left side, instead of her right.
  • When James arrives to collect the Queen of Sodor, Salty can be seen shunting trucks. But in James' close-ups, Salty is already round the bend and appears to have stopped.
  • When the narrator says; "It was a long journey to the workshops," James appears to be on the other side of the set where the barge's funnel smashes the pipe, as the cement bases for the pipe can be seen in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • When James returns to the sheds, Mavis can be seen shunting trucks and a line of trucks (containing an open wagon truck, a salt wagon and a cattle truck) is one the siding next to her. But when Percy arrives, Mavis can be seen reversing that very line of trucks back into the siding.
  • When Percy arrives from the quarry, Henry can be seen rotating on the turntable, but in the close-up of mud splattering Gordon, Henry has stopped midway on the turntable. Then, in the two close-ups of Gordon looking cross, Henry has now fully turned round.
  • In the far shot of the sludge flowing all over the barge, the end of the set can be seen on James' track. In the top-left corner of the same shot, a building can be seen placed upon two tracks.
  • Throughout the scene of James arriving to collect the Queen of Sodor, a three-roofed building (seen across the canal) appears to change position in separate shots.
  • When James leaves Gordon and Percy, his eyes are wonky.
  • When James returns to the sheds, his front pony truck is too high up and is not touching the rails.


  • James: Keep your dirt away from me! I'm collecting the mayor today!
  • Gordon: I should do that.
  • James: Really? You need a washdown first!
  • Gordon: Pah!


  • Gordon: Is collecting the Queen of Sodor important work, too?
  • The Fat Controller: Very important work. Do I have a volunteer?
  • James: Very important work? I'll do it!
  • The Fat Controller: Then it's settled. She's waiting at the canal.
  • James: Thank you, sir!


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 詹姆士跟多多岛皇后
Czech Jakub a královna Sodoru
Danish Øens dronning
Hungarian James és Sodor királynője
Italian La Regina di Sodor
Japanese ジェームスとソドーとうのじょおう
Korean 깔끔이, 제임스 (EBS)
제임스와 소도어 섬의 여왕 (Adongmoonhak)
Polish Kuba i Królowa Sodor
Romanian James şi Regina din Sodor
Russian Джеймс и королева Содора
Swedish James och drottningen av Rälsö
Turkish James ve Sodor Kraliçesi
Welsh James a Brenhines Sodor

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