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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Chinese DVD or the Slovenian DVD.

“This lamp will make me look silly! Everyone at the concert will look their best except me!”
―James refusing to wear the old-fashioned headlamp.

James in the Dark is the second episode of the fourteenth series.


Allicia Botti is performing at the town hall tonight and James has been given the job to pick her up, along with The Brass Band and The Mayor. However, James has to go to the Steamworks first to get a lamp. When he arrives there, he finds the only lamp available is an old-fashioned lamp which he does not like because he thinks it will make him look silly. The workmen try to fit the lamp, but James still does not like it and leaves.

On his way to pick up the important passengers, he stops at a junction where Thomas is waiting. He asks James where his lamp is, but James cannot see who the engine is and says that lamps make him look silly, mistaking Thomas as Henry. James sees a station ahead thinking this is where he is supposed to pick up Allicia Botti and the Mayor, but it is actually Farmer McColl and his prized Cow at Maithwaite. James cannot see who it is and whistles for them to get on board, much to Farmer McColl's confusion. At a junction, Edward asks where James' lamp is, and James tells him that lamps makes him silly, mistaking Edward as Percy. James then sees a platform where he thinks it is where he picks up the Brass Band, but it is Farmer Trotter and his pigs at his farm. Not seeing who it is, James whistles for them to get on board, much to Farmer Trotter's confusion.

James arrives at the Town Hall, and the Fat Controller is very cross that James found Farmer McColl, Farmer Trotter and their animals. James realises what he has done and feels very silly. Thomas arrives with the workmen carrying the lamp and have it fitted on James' funnel. Edward arrives admiring James' lamp. Knowing that he is still late, James asks The Fat Controller if Thomas and Edward can collect the important passengers, whilst James takes the farmers to the docks, and the Fat Controller agrees to James' idea. James races to the Docks dropping off the farmers and their animals and arrives back at the Town Hall, where he sees Thomas and Edward shining their lamps at Allicia Botti. James uses his lamp to help Thomas and Edward light up Allicia's concert, and James cannot feel prouder to have his beaming lamp.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

US and Canada


  • Going by production order, this is the third episode of the fourteenth series.
  • Edited stock footage from Play Time is used.
  • The headlamp given to James was normally used on vintage cars of the early 1900's.
  • James' headlamp would later be re-used in the seventeenth series episode, The Phantom Express, albeit smaller. It would also be later used for Beau as his tail-lamp.


  • The narrator labels several of James' parts incorrectly:
    • He refers to his running plate as his "boiler."
    • He refers to his lamp iron as his "buffer."
    • He refers to his smokebox as his "funnel."
  • Throughout the episode, the engines' fireboxes do not glow.
  • When James puffs away from Thomas, the signal lights are not glowing.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese James no Escuro
Catalan En James a les Fosques
Chinese Mandarin 黑暗中的詹姆士
Czech James a tma
Danish James' nye lygte
Finnish Jaska Pimeässä
French James et la lanterne
German James tappt im Dunkeln
Greek Ο Τζέιμς στο σκοτάδι
Hungarian James a sötétben
Indonesian James di Dalam Kegelapan
Italian James al Buio
Japanese くらやみとジェームス
Korean 어둠 속의 제임스
Latin American Spanish James en la Oscuridad
Norwegian James i mørket
Polish Kuba w Ciemności
Portuguese O James Fica as Escuras
Romanian James pe Întuneric
Russian Джеймс Во Тьме
Slovenian Janez v Temi
Swedish James i Mörkret
Turkish James Karanlıkta

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