JimJam is a international preschool children's TV channel that was launched on October 2006. It is shown in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Series premieres on JimJam in the Pan-European area

Specials premieres on JimJam in the Pan-European area


  • The episodes always air in blocks of two, consecutively, with a very short JimJam clip between them.
  • It was the first time when restored versions of the first two series were shown.
  • Despite the new logo being used for the third, fourth and fifth series, the episodes are not restored.
  • The last six episodes of Series 18 were considered part of Series 19.
  • Series 18 and 19 feature the Polish logo (Tomek i przyjaciele) in all countries and the Engine Roll Call does not feature any on-screen lyrics.
  • In Romania, Thomas, You're the Leader was not dubbed and the song appears without any vocals.
  • On March 5 2011, A Bad Day for Sir Handel aired in Romania without any narration.
  • Unlike the Romanian dub of series which first aired on Minimax, the JimJam dub does not give credit to the Romanian narrator during the end credits.

Thomas adverts on JimJam






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