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“Stop! This isn't fun! I want thrills and spills, jitters and flitters!”
―Dowager Hatt

Jitters and Japes is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Dowager Hatt is coming to Sodor and the Fat Controller chooses Thomas to take her on a tour of Misty Island. Thomas asks Toby what would be fun for the Dowager and Toby suggests going slow to let her admire the view and smile.

Soon, Thomas arrives at Maithwaite where Dowager Hatt is waiting. Thomas assures her that he has a plan when the Dowager tries to tell Thomas her plan, but the tank engine does not listen. On Misty Island, Thomas' plan backfires when the mist is down over the island and Dowager Hatt does not have fun at all. As Thomas is puffing slowly, Dowager Hatt demands him to stop. She tells him that she wanted "thrills and spills, jitters and flitters", but Thomas does not know what they are and decides to go home.

On the way, he rumbles through the Hollow Tree Tunnel and over the Shake Shake Bridge, much to Dowager Hatt's delight. Later, they return to Sodor where the Dowager tells her son what a fun time they had on Misty Island.





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