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J. Dyson and Co. is a scrap metal and haulage company on Sodor. The company owns several lorries, which are used for transporting engines and rolling stock. They are also used to help out when there are accidents. They are usually accompanied by a flatbed, low loader or mobile crane.

Dyson Lorries are typically used to help whenever there is an accident where the rails can not reach. They are also used for carrying rolling stock and engines. One was once used to carry Duke to the Skarloey Railway.

Technical Details


Dyson Lorries appear to be based on AEC Monarch lorries. The ERTL model of the Dyson Lorry is based on a Ford pick-up lorry.


The Dyson Lorries are painted green with white roofs and wheel arches. "J. Dyson & Co." is painted on a sign above their roofs, "Jonathan Dyson & Co." is painted on the sides of their flatbeds and "Scrap Metal & Haulage" is painted on the sides of their cabs, all in white.



  • ERTL (discontinued; as "Dyson Low Loader")


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