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“Think positively, Lexi! Ask yourself what can you do!"
"You mean, anything?"
"Uh, no, we can't do anything..."
"But we can try!”
― Thomas, Lexi, Theo and Merlin

Journey Beyond Sodor is a 2017 feature-length Thomas & Friends special. It is the thirteenth Thomas & Friends film overall.


Henry is taking a goods train to the Mainland, but a faulty signal at Vicarstown causes him to crash into the back of Hiro's train and derailing over the edge of the bridge.

Thomas the Tank Engine is happily going down his branchline with Annie and Clarabel, but as he enters Knapford, a cheery James the Red Engine begins to boast about him being the Fat Controller's favourite engine, which Thomas heavily disagrees with. James then calls everyone's attention in the station and allows Thomas to explain how he is more important, but before he can, James continues about himself before departing. Thomas is still fuming over James' boasting as he collects pigs from Farmer Trotter's farm, and James passes with the Sodor Brass Band.

At Vicarstown, Henry is re-railed and brought to the Steamworks for repairs. The Fat Controller starts to shuffle through his engines in order to find a replacement for Henry, and eventually settles on James taking the train, while Thomas continues his work. Thomas overhears this and decides to tease James about it, but he quickly realises that the goods train is bound for the Mainland, making him dismiss the fact that the train consits of trucks, calling it "special". Thomas goes to complain to the Fat Controller about James always taking important jobs, to which he remarks that every job is important, ranging from the mail train, the Flying Kipper and Thomas' branchline. At the sheds that night, Thomas mentions the issue for Percy, who does not comment on it before departing to take the mail train, but acknowledges to have heard Thomas. As James arrives at the sheds, Thomas gets an idea.

Early next morning, James arrives at the Vicarstown yards and searches for Henry's train. When he cannot find it, he asks Rosie where it is, who tells him that Thomas came early to pick it up, much to James' surprise. In the meantime, Thomas excitedly crosses the Vicarstown Bridge over to the Mainland. James arrives at the Steamworks to inform the Fat Controller about Thomas, but he does not seem to be bothered, and asks James to work on Thomas' branchline in his absence.

As Thomas crosses a viaduct over to the Mainland, he takes in the sites, but the Troublesome Trucks continue to tease him, and he tries to make them quiet. As they approach a junction, they continue to tease him and comment that he is lost. With all the noise around him, coupled with the trucks' teasing, it becomes too much for him just as the trucks push him through a tunnel.

Back on Sodor, James' excessive speeding and continues misses of platforms, starts to annoy Annie and Clarabel, who also pray that Thomas will return soon.

On the Mainland, Thomas arrives at a canal, before a crane loads a boat on to the tracks, blocking him from continuing. He asks who he is and asks him to tell more about himself, which Thomas does. When it is proven to be not enough, Thomas improvises his explanation, all the while the Troublesome Trucks tease him for being lost. Thomas eventually decides to change tracks in order to get past the crane, who introduces himself as Beresford, much to his dismay.

Thomas continues onto what seems to be an old line covered in trees, but soon realises that he has run out of coal and water. He comes to a halt at the entrance of a yard, where he meets Lexi and Theo, two experimental engines. He asks them if they know the way to Bridlington, which they say they do not. He then asks them if they could help with coal and water, which they confirm, and lead him to the water tower and coal chute, although not being able to move, Theo is asked by Lexi to tow him. Despite them offering him to stay, Thomas determinedly heads out to find Bridlington. Sometime later, he arrives at the Steelworks, where he is greeted by Frankie and Hurricane. The latter puts his trucks in a siding before the two introduce him to their workplace and their duties. After having tried it out himself, Thomas tries to leave, but they ask him to stay, since it is already late.

At Tidmouth Sheds, Percy voices his concern for Thomas' absence, but James doesn't care about Thomas and think Thomas got lost on the Mainland, fell down a mine, or crashed into a stationmaster's house. But the engines were very furious at James, and he blames it on Thomas himself.

At the Mainland Steelworks, Thomas awoken by Hurricane and is quickly rushed back to work. Singing joyfully as he does so, Thomas accidentally backs some trucks into another, causing a spill. Hurricane warns him to be careful, citing that the substance could melt an engine's wheels.

On Sodor, James approaches the Fat Controller and asks if he could go to the Mainland to search for Thomas. The Fat Controller praises his proposal, but notes that he cannot spare another engine and that he will continue his work on Thomas' branchline. Percy cheers him up and says that he tried.

At the Steelworks, Frankie and Hurricane prepare to head out with a delivery, and Thomas notes that he should return home to Sodor, but Frankie insists that he should continue to help them. She also asks him to shunt some trucks and have things sorted by the time they return. Reluctantly continuing to work, Thomas begins to grow homesick and begins to reminisce about his friends and how he wanted an adventure to the Mainland. He then spots an old siding, which he decides to head down, only to find himself derailing on old tracks.

On Thomas' branchline, James grows impatient with some sheep who have stopped on the rails. Annie and Clarabel advise him to wait for the farmer to shoo them away, which James does not want to do and proposes to blow his whistle. Just as he is about to do so, Farmer McColl arrives and shoos the sheep away from the rails.

Later that evening, Frankie and Hurricane return and pull Thomas back on the rails. He also reluctantly accepts to continue to work and help them. That night at Tidmouth Sheds, Percy proposes that James could go to the Mainland to search for Thomas, and says that he could be a hero. At first James is reluctant, but suddenly likes the idea, before heading off into to the night to find Thomas. At the same time, Thomas uses the rain, thunder and lightning as a cover in an attempt to escape the Steelworks. Despite some of the noise, in combination with the weather, wakes Frankie and Hurricane temporarily, Thomas continues his escape attempt. When pushing open the gates does not work, he decides to get some flatbeds with pipes to push through with. With a few tries, he eventually succeeds just as Frankie and Hurricane are awoken again and chase after him. Thomas finds a siding into a forest, and stops there for the night. While there, he meets a new voice, who claims to be a stealth engine. He explains that he can be invisible, and urges Thomas to close his eyes and do the same. However, the next morning, Thomas cannot regain contact with him.

James arrives at Bridlington yards and asks around if anyone has seen Thomas, which none of the diesel shunters have. The Troublesome Trucks from Henry's train eventually tell him that they were brought to the yards by Hurricane, and confirm that Thomas did pull them. James tries to ask for Hurricane, but the shunters ignore him.

Thomas returns to the experimental engines' yard, where he asks them if they can help him back to Sodor, which they say they cannot. Lexi and Theo then explain how they were made and how they cannot do anything. Shortly afterwards, Merlin reveals himself, and is more positive in helping Thomas, but Lexi and Theo discourage him to do so. Despite this, he insists that they can try. Thomas decides to head out without them, and returns to the canal, where a curious Beresford wants to continue their previous conversation, and picks him off the rails, expressing that he wants them to be friends. Thomas advises him that he should not force someone to be his friend, but rather make them like him to then become his friend. In addition, he tries to ask him to put him down again, but just then, Hurricane and Frankie pass by with James, and Thomas asks Beresford to hide him before they pass. After they pass by, Merlin arrives and praises his choice of hiding. Thomas tells Beresford the urgency of now rescuing James, and is finally put down on the rails again.

At the Steelworks, Hurricane and Frankie pull the same introduction to James as they did Thomas, but after some time, James confronts them about Thomas, but despite his efforts, they force him to work with them.

At the experimental engines' yard, Thomas, Lexi, Theo and Merlin put together a plan to save James, with Lexi and Theo to cause a distraction while Thomas sneaks in to rescue James and Merlin to be the lookout. The distraction works and temporarily draws Frankie and Hurricane from the Steelworks, allowing Thomas to sneak inside looking for James. But Merlin, becoming uneasy of Thomas' whereabouts, begins to sneak inside himself, but a nervous Theo manages to give him away and a chase into the Steelworks ensues.

Thomas eventually finds James and desperately encourages him to join him escaping, which he is more then happy to do. As he reverses, his trucks block Hurricane's path as he speeds past Merlin and derails the trucks. Thomas urges James to take the track around the Steelworks just as they narrowly avoid Frankie. James instead heads inside the Steelworks and tries to hide from Frankie and Hurricane. However, they discover him with a spotlight and the chase continues. Hurricane attempts to block his path with trucks, but Theo and Thomas push them back, allowing James to pass. However, the trucks derail and activates a magnet, which picks up Thomas and hovers him above a cauldron of magma. Theo tries to save him by pulling back the lever with the derailed trucks, but it has the opposite effect, dropping Thomas towards the cauldron. Just in the last second, another crane arm jolts Thomas away from the cauldron and almost lands him back on the rails, but causes a truck to spill. Hurricane rushes forward and pushes Thomas out of the way just as the magma reaches his own wheels, causing them to melt. A now helpless Frankie breaks down and explains how they just wanted someone to help them and not to be alone. Thomas then suggests that they could help them, encouraging Lexi and Theo to do the same, citing that the most important thing is being friends. The experimental engines help Frankie and Hurricane, while Thomas and James reconcile as they head back to Sodor. Back at Tidmouth Sheds, the other engines are happy to see them return, including the Fat Controller. Henry, having simultaneously finished being repaired at the Steamworks, arrives and asks if he has missed anything.


Characters Introduced





  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • William Hope as Edward, Toby, Two Troublesome Trucks and Farmer McColl
  • Kerry Shale as Henry, Gordon, the Troublesome Trucks and Kevin
  • Rob Rackstraw as James and the Troublesome Trucks
  • Christopher Ragland as Percy, the Troublesome Trucks, Trevor, Jem Cole, and Some Orchard Workers
  • Jules de Jongh as Emily
  • Nicola Stapleton as Rosie
  • Rasmus Hardiker as Philip
  • John Schwab as Ulli and the Other Mainland Diesel
  • Teresa Gallagher as Annie and Clarabel
  • Keith Wickham as Sir Topham Hatt and Some Steelworks Workers
  • Steven Kynman as the Knapford Station Worker and a Steelworks Worker
  • Darren Boyd as Theo
  • Sophie Colquhoun as Frankie
  • Jim Howick as Hurricane
  • Hugh Bonneville as Merlin
  • Colin McFarlane as Beresford
  • Lucy Montgomery as Lexi and the Troublesome Slate Trucks
  • David Bedella as Victor (uncredited)


Bonus Features


  • Music Videos: Who's Thomas?, The Hottest Place in Town, We Can't Do Anything and The Most Important Thing is Being Friends
  • Landmarks of Sodor: Travelling to the Mainland
  • Top 5 Funniest Moments


  • The film's production began in April 2016 and ended in February 2017.
  • This is the second musical special, with the first being The Great Race.
  • This special takes place between the twenty-first series and Big World! Big Adventures!, even though after this film, the twenty-first series was next and then Big World! Big Adventures!. However, there are some hints with production crew, voice actors and changes that this was produced before the twenty-first series in 2016, these being:
  • An image of Thomas from this special is re-used on the spine of the DVD release of the next special, Big World! Big Adventures!.
  • The special was shown in select cinemas:
    • In the US at Edaville Railroad on August 19, 2017.
    • In Australia, Hoyts and Event Cinemas previewed the special 1-3 times everyday between 31st August - 6th September 2017 and on 9th, 10th and 12th September 2017.
  • The special aired on TV:
    • On PBS Kids on November 17, 2017 in the US. After the film ended on television, the song Race with You, Learn with Thomas segment, Not Showing Off, Engine Roll Call song and the twentieth series episode, Mucking About were included at the end to fill the timeslot.
    • On Milkshake! in the UK on New Years Day 2018. It was also later repeated on Milkshake! on Easter Sunday 2018.
    • On ABC Kids in Australia on New Year's Eve 2017 and again on Christmas Day 2018.
    • On Cartoonito UK on Saturday 8th September 2018.
    • On Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. in the US split into three half hour blocks on July 2 - 4, 2018. Since the special was an hour and twelve minutes, some scenes and the Engine Roll Call had to be removed to fit the time slot. Treehouse TV in Canada also aired the three-part version of the movie on November 14 - 16 2018.
    • When it aired on TVNZ 2 in New Zealand it was listed as Thomas' Journey Beyond Sodor.
  • References to the first series episode, Down the Mine, the second series episode, Thomas Comes to Breakfast and the special, The Adventure Begins are made.
  • There are a few references to the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. This is the second Thomas production to reference it, the first being the fifth series episode, Stepney Gets Lost.
  • James' line "What am I supposed to do? Sit around and do nothing?" is a possible reference to similar lyrics from the Janet Jackson song "Together Again".
  • In the UK dub, one of James' screams were later reused in the twenty-first series episode, The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor.
  • This special marks the first of many things:
    • The first special animated by Jam Filled Toronto, albeit partially. The first half of the film was animated by Arc Productions before their bankruptcy.
    • The first special produced by Mattel Creations.
    • The first time Hugh Bonneville, Colin McFarlane, Lucy Montgomery and Nicola Stapleton are part of the voice cast.
    • The first special where James is voiced by Rob Rackstraw in the UK, which he first did in the twentieth series episode, Tit for Tat and the first time where Rob Rackstraw gives James a British accent in the UK dub.
    • This special marks the first few things for Rosie:
      • Her first speaking role since the sixteenth series episode, Sodor Surprise Day.
      • Her first speaking role in a special.
      • Her first appearance in her red livery.
      • The first time she is voiced by Nicola Stapleton in the UK and US, taking over from Teresa Gallagher and Jules de Jongh, respectively. Thus, Nicola Stapleton joins the voice cast.
    • The first appearance of the salt vans in full CGI and their first appearances since the twelfth series episode, Best Friends.
    • The first special since The Adventure Begins to be released in the US first before the UK.
    • The first special in which oil tankers have faces.
    • The first special in which the Troublesome Trucks all have their own unique voices, as opposed to all being voiced by one person.
    • The first special which features female Troublesome Trucks and the first appearance of female Troublesome Trucks in general.
    • The first special in where Ashima, Axel, Raul, Frieda, Shane, Gina, Ivan and Etienne do not appear since their introductions in The Great Race.
    • The first appearance of Vicarstown Goods Yard in the CGI series.
    • The first special since Calling All Engines! not to include the French narration on the US DVD.
    • The first special in which vehicular characters are able to move their bodies, in that they perform when they speak or look in different directions, which while debuting in the preceding CGI series, was made more prominent as of this special, as well as the new comedic devices.
  • This special also marks the last of many things:
    • The final special of Thomas & Friends to be animated by Arc Productions. Halfway through the film's production they became bankrupt and were replaced by Jam Filled Toronto.
    • The last Thomas feature-length film in the original series to have an antagonist, as well as the only film to have two. This also marks the last time locomotives are featured as antagonists.
    • The last special to be produced and released before the series it takes place after.
    • Hugo, Toad and Farmer Trotter's last appearances.
    • Jem Cole's last speaking role.
    • Hiro's last appearance until the twenty-fourth series episode, Kenji on the Rails Again.
    • One of the two Mainland Diesels last appearances until the twenty-fourth series episode, Thomas and the Royal Engine.
    • Rusty's last appearance until the twenty-fourth series episode, The Great Little Railway Show.
    • Hiro and Whiff's last appearances in the original series special.
    • Harvey, Spencer, Belle, Stephen, Caitlin, Samson, Glynn, Ryan, the Mainland Diesels, Flynn, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Victor, Rusty, Rex, Mike, Bert, Luke, Millie, Toad, Rocky, Judy, Jerome, Trevor, Kevin, Jem Cole and Farmer Trotter's last appearances in a special.
    • The final appearance of the Coastal Cliffs.
    • Mark Moraghan's last special as narrator for both the UK and US dubs.
    • Jon Kabira's last special as narrator for the Japanese dub.
    • The last special to air on PBS Kids in the US, as Nick Jr. took over airing the series afterwards.
    • The last special to air on Family Jr. in Canada, as Treehouse TV took over afterwards.
    • The last Thomas DVD released in Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey.
    • The last special released on DVD in South Korea.
    • The last special narrated by Park Sang-u in South Korea.
    • The last special translated by Lee Hwa-yong in South Korea.
    • The last special that released 5.1 surround audio on DVD in South Korea.
    • The last special that the word "Mainland" is not translated in Korean.
    • The last special not dubbed in Hebrew.
  • This special also marks the only occurrences of many things:
    • The only special to be directly followed chronologically by the next special.
    • The only special to be seventy-three minutes long, over thirteen minutes longer than the usual length.
    • The only special not to have Tim Whitnall and Joe Mills since they joined the voice cast in Tale of the Brave and the eighteenth series, respectively.
    • The only time Darren Boyd, Jim Howick and Sophie Colquhoun are part of the voice cast.
    • The only special to have Hugh Bonneville and Colin McFarlane as part of the voice cast.
    • The only time William Hope and Lucy Montgomery voice the Troublesome Trucks.
    • The only special where Kerry Shale voices the Troublesome Trucks.
    • Harvey's only appearance in a special since The Great Discovery.
    • Whiff's only appearance in the original series special after and since Blue Mountain Mystery.
    • Jem Cole's only speaking role since the fifth series episode, Lady Hatt's Birthday Party.
    • Trevor's only speaking role in a special.
    • Beresford's only appearance until the twenty-fourth series special episode, Thomas and the Royal Engine.
    • The only time the Mainland Diesels have spoken, as two of them speak in this special and this is the only time Ulli is referred to by name.
    • The only appearances of Merlin, Hugo, the Slip Coaches, Bradford and Beresford in a special.
    • The only time Hugo and Bradford appear without speaking or being referred to by name.
    • Theo, Lexi, Hurricane and Frankie's only appearances, although Theo and Lexi are indirectly mentioned in the twenty-second series episode, Seeing is Believing.
    • The only special where Vinnie, Carlos, Rajiv, Yong Bao and the Fat Clergyman do not appear since their introductions in The Great Race.
    • The only special where Donald, Douglas, Flying Scotsman, Belle, Stephen, Caitlin, Timothy, Glynn, Ryan, Den, Dart, Sidney, Paxton, Hugo, Flynn, Marion, Skiff, Luke, Millie, Bert, Rex, Mike, Judy, Jerome and Bradford, appear, but do not speak since their returns or introductions.
    • The only special where the official Korean transcript file was shown on the internet in South Korea.
    • The only special to air on TV in New Zealand.
  • This special aired before Engine of the Future and Bradford the Brake Van in the US, so the audience may not know who Hugo and Bradford are.
  • Merlin and Beresford are the only characters introduced in this film to make appearances outside of the special.
  • The events of this special are mentioned by James in Big World! Big Adventures! during the song, Where in the World is Thomas?
  • According to a show reel by Chris Renshaw, when Thomas meets Lexi and Theo for the first time, the musical score would continue to play for much longer than in the final cut of the film. This was omitted for unknown reasons.
  • During a few scenes after Thomas runs into Beresford and also during the "Who's Thomas" song, Thomas can be seen turning his face sideways to look up at him. This is the only time an engine is seen doing this.
  • In the scene where Thomas goes through the Mainland Junction, Toby and Belle can be seen representing engines from the Mainland, along with Hiro and Flying Scotsman, albeit slightly obscured so as to appear to be unrecognisable. Of these engines, only Flying Scotsman actually lives on the mainland.
  • When the official Korean transcript was released on the internet, this special's initial Korean title was "메인랜드 모험기" (meinlaendeu moheomgi), which means "Mainland Adventure".
  • There was an event of this special by JEI TV in South Korea.
  • There was a preview show of this special on theatres on 4th December 2018 in South Korea.
  • This special was only shown for one week on South Korean theatres.
  • Hurricane shouting how he's melting could be a possible reference to the famous 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, replicating the scene where the Wicked Witch of the West melts.


  • In the shot showing the town of Arlesburgh, the ocean is floating above the beach.
  • On the back of the DVD, Theo's lamp is white instead of gold.
  • In the first shot of Knapford Station, Gordon and Philip do not have any facial features.
  • David Bedella is not credited in either of the English language dubs for voicing Victor.
  • Gavin Ebedes is not credited for being supervising editor on DVD and theatrical end credits. However, he is credited on the PBS Kids end credits.
  • The visuals and audio of the UK and Australian release are out of sync.
  • James' American accent is heard when Frankie and Hurricane chase him into the steelworks in the UK dub.
  • In the close-up shot of Hiro's wheels, his eccentric rods are disconnected from his connecting rods.
  • In the first shot of James passing Thomas with the band, his mouth is not animated to show him humming. Also, in the US dub, James hums with his British accent instead of his American accent.
  • As Connor passes Henry, he has Caitlin's whistle sound.
  • The trucks that Hiro is pulling at the beginning change between the crash scene and the recovery scene.
  • In the opening shot of Emily pulling a goods train, her tender chassis and body do not line up.
  • When Thomas and James enter Knapford, James has Thomas' whistle sound.
  • In the scenes of James in the goods yard, the letters on Vicarstown are missing.
  • When Frankie laughs and says "Well isn't he a clever little tank engine", her wheels are clipping through the rails.
  • At Bridlington Goods Yard, when the Troublesome Trucks are being pushed, their buffers do not touch each other.
  • The points, such as the ones inside the steelworks, do not have rails.
  • In the scenes of Tidmouth Sheds, the bushes behind the sheds are clipping through the brick wall.
  • In the distance shot of Vicarstown, the station is missing its letters.
  • Throughout most of the special, with the exception of a few scenes, James' tender chassis is positioned further back than usual, making it clip through his tender bufferbeam.
  • In the first shot of the Mainland Junction, Hiro's brake van appears to be nearly in the middle of his goods train instead of the back.
  • The coaches that the engine resembling Toby pulls at the Mainland Junction do not have a brake coach at the back.
  • When Merlin says "I can do something!" the audio is out of sync.
  • In the close-up of Lexi when she explains how they are fully stocked in coal and water, Thomas is not present.
  • During We Can't Do Anything, Thomas' driver's hand clips through his cab door.
  • When Theo runs into the pole and it falls over, it is made of wood, but when it hits the barrels, it is made of metal.
  • When Thomas travels along the canal, he passes the area where Beresford usually is, but Beresford is absent. In the next scene, Thomas has been moved back, as Beresford is back in his original position, with Thomas passing the same building twice.
  • Some of the trucks swap voices throughout the special.
  • A few times in the US dub, a character says "cars" but their mouths move to say "trucks".
  • During The Most Important Thing is Being Friends, Beresford can be heard singing before he visually does.
  • The front cover of the DVD shows Frankie puffing steam, despite the fact that she is a diesel engine.
  • Most of the tracks outside near the slag pit are floating.
  • During I Want to Go Home, Rusty can be seen in front of Porter, but he is narrow gauge, and the tracks are not dual gauged. Also, the load on Thomas' flatbeds changes when he is inside the Steelworks.
  • After Hurricane shunts the trucks to block James' way, his mouth stops moving when he says "ya" at the end of his sentence.
  • In the Korean dub, the North Western Railway is translated as "북서 철도" (bugseo cheoldo), however, 북서부 철도 (bugseobu cheoldo) is the correct translation for North Western Railway.
  • In the Korean dub, there is one scene where "Frankie" was mistakenly called "Frank" by Thomas.
  • When Henry is pulling the goods train at the start of the special, he is pulling thirteen trucks. Yet when Henry crashes into Hiro right before he goes off the bridge, he only has eight.
  • Theo's funnel changes size between shots a few times.
  • When the narrator says "So with coal in his coal bunker and his water tank full, Thomas set off once more in search of the goods yard", the truck that says "Are we there yet?" seems to have turned around. It is facing the right way when it starts talking directly after.
  • The second time that Theo and Lexi go up the hill forwards, during "We Can't Do Anything", Theo's driver is not rendered properly, and thus is a static CGI Model with no facial-features.
  • During Who's Thomas the brake van appears to move when the trucks first sing.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Viagem ao desconhecido
Chinese Mandarin 湯馬仕大電影之衝出索多島
Czech Cesta z ostrova Sodor
Dutch Een avontuur buiten Sodor
French Aventure sur le continent
German Auf großer Reise
Greek Πέρα από τα σύνορα του Σόντορ
Hungarian Túl Sodoron
Indonesian Rahasia di pabrik baja (RTV)
Italian Viaggio oltre i confini di Sodor
Japanese とびだせ! 友情の大冒険
Korean 우정의 대모험
Latin American Spanish El viaje más allá de Sodor
Polish Podróż poza wyspę Sodor
Romanian Călătorie dincolo de Sodor
Russian Покидая Содор
Serbian Putovanje van Sodora
Slovenian Potovanje onkraj Sodorja
Spanish Un viaje más allá de Sodor
Turkish Sodor'un Ötesine Yolculuk
Vietnamese Hành Trình Vượt Ngoài Sodor




  • Ringing Thomas in Tekoro (Limited Edition)
  • Ringing Theo in Tekoro
  • Ringing Lexi in Tekoro
  • Hurricane and Frankie
  • Thomas and Merlin Set


  • Lexi The Experimental Engine
  • Merlin the Invisible
  • Steelworks Thomas
  • Steelworks Hurricane
  • Scrapyard Escape Set


  • Merlin the Invisible
  • Steelworks Frankie (cancelled)


  • Steelworks Hurricane
  • Steelworks Frankie
  • Merlin the Invisible
  • Theo the Experimental Engine
  • Lexi The Experimental Engine


  • Steelworks Stunt Set

Motorized Railway

  • Merlin the Invisible
  • Steelworks Escape Set

Capsule Plarail

  • Lexi
  • Theo
  • Merlin
  • Hurricane
  • Frankie
  • Ladle Truck
  • Beresford
  • Steelworks Shed

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