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Judy and Jerome are the two large sage green breakdown cranes. They used to live in the station yard at Knapford, but now handle emergencies on the west side of the island, on the Harwick Branch Line.


Thomas & Friends

Thomas first encountered Judy and Jerome in a siding at Knapford Station Yard, where they thought there was an emergency after Thomas woke them up. Annie and Clarabel then explained to him what they were for. He later collected them after James' accident with some trucks.

After Rocky arrived and the Search and Rescue Centre was built, Judy and Jerome became obsolete due to Rocky being stronger than both of them combined. They remained on their siding at Knapford for several years, eventually being noticed by Ryan. Looking for a change in scenery, they had him take them to Arlesburgh Harbour. However, the sea air caused their gears to not work properly and they had to deal with defacating seagulls, so they asked Oliver, who was passing by, to move them somewhere else.

Oliver took them to a field on the Little Western, but they quickly grew bored there. When Duck passed by, they asked him to move them somewhere else again, so he took them to the Blue Mountain Quarry.

While the pair where at the quarry, Daisy derailed on the other side of the island from the Search and Rescue Centre and Judy and Jerome were missing, meaning that Thomas would have to go all the way to the Search and Rescue Centre from Knapford to get Rocky. Eventually, Ryan was able to track them down and bring them to Daisy. Happy to be useful again, Judy and Jerome were taken to Arlesburgh that night. The Fat Controller then decided to relocate them to Arlesburgh permanently, allowing them to handle emergencies on the west side of the island while Rocky handled the east, having realized the strategic importance of having more than one breakdown train.

When Henry had an accident at Vicarstown on the viaduct, while taking a goods train to the Mainland, Edward took Judy and Jerome to the accident scene that evening, where they lifted Henry back to safety. After that they were left on their siding at Knapford again.

Sometime later, they helped Duck move Dexter to Harwick so he could be restored.


Judy and Jerome are both heavy sleepers, but take their jobs very seriously, usually only awaking if there is an emergency (or if they think there is). The two also seem to be very talkative. They are always ready for an emergency and respond with zeal and vigour and enjoy working.

Technical Details


Judy and Jerome are based on a Cowans Sheldon 30 ton breakdown crane. The Chinese and Indian cranes are also members of this class.


Judy and Jerome are painted dark green-grey with yellow hazard stripes along their sides. They have brass nameplates on the sides of their cabs.


Official Description

From Official Media:[1]

Judy: Judy and Jerome have worked together for a long time. The two cranes like to chat as they work. Judy is a deep sleeper but can be awake in seconds if she is needed.

Jerome: Like Judy, Jerome likes a good snooze, but he likes an emergency even better. He's happy to be useful again after years out of work. He limes his new home at Arlesburgh, too.

Fun Fact: Saying "Emergency!" will wake the duo instantly.


  • Aside from the addition of faces and nameplates, Judy and Jerome differ slightly in design from the original incarnation of the Breakdown Train:
    • The cable to raise and lower their crane arms was moved to their roofs, rather than being attached to a smaller arm.
    • Their cabs are slightly taller and their crane mechanisms are slightly shorter to accommodate faces.
    • They have yellow hazard stripes, which were originally not present.
  • Judy is the first female crane in the series.
  • Although they now live in Arlesburgh Yard as of the twentieth series, they were seen in their siding at Knapford again in Journey Beyond Sodor.
  • One time the Official Thomas and Friends YouTube Channel misspelled Jerome as "Gerome" with a 'g' instead of a 'j'.
  • Judy and Jerome are the first non-human twin characters introduced in the series not to be the same gender as each other.


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