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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the 2011 or the 2016 magazine story.
“Thomas! What is going on? The Mayor is waiting for the Jobi wood, Edward is swinging on a bridge, logs are jumping like frogs and..."
" shiny red coat is ruined!”
―Sir Topham Hatt and James

Jumping Jobi Wood! is the fifteenth episode of the fourteenth series.


The Fat Controller informs the engines that the Mayor of Sodor wants some Jobi Wood to build a summerhouse. Thomas asks if he can go to Misty Island to collect the Jobi wood. Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand also want to go with Thomas as the cranes have been acting crazy lately. The Fat Controller sends Thomas and Edward to Misty Island and tells Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand to stay on Sodor and learn the ways of his railway.

Thomas and Edward soon set off through the Misty Island Tunnel and arrive at Misty Island. Edward is intrigued by what he sees at the Logging Station. Thomas then takes Edward on a tour of the island and shows him the zip-line bridge, the noisy saw mill, the logging pond and last but not least - Ol' Wheezy and Hee-Haw the log loaders. Next, Thomas and Edward chuff to the Shake Shake Bridge. They need to cross it in order to collect the Jobi logs. Edward does not like the bridge and when he's almost reached the other side, he stops and will not move.

Then, Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand arrive and ask if Thomas needs help. Thomas refuses their help and insists that they can manage on their own. So, Thomas collects a flatbed and goes to see Ol' Wheezy. Ol' Wheezy is misbehaving, as usual, and tosses the logs all over - some even hit poor Edward! The logging locos return and see the chaos going on and offer to help. Thomas refuses the help again and goes to see Hee-Haw. But Hee-Haw had run out of oil and thick black smoke is bellowing from him all over James and the Fat Controller! The Fat Controller is very cross but Thomas knows who can help.

He races back to Sodor and collects Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand, who are more than happy to help. First, they manage to get a surprised Edward off the Shake Shake Bridge and then they show Thomas and Edward how to catch the Jobi logs as Ol' Wheezy throws them, and finally, Dash's driver fills Hee-Haw with oil. At last, all the Jobi logs are loaded and the five friends go back to Sodor. The Fat Controller is delighted and calls them all really useful engines.







  • Going by production order, this is the sixteenth episode of the fourteenth series.
  • An instrumental of Misty Island Rescue is heard as Thomas shows Edward around Misty Island.
  • When Sir Topham Hatt gets offended from Ferdinand calling him "boss" in the UK dub, Thomas suggests Ferdinand to call him the Fat Controller instead. But that is a nickname, and the engines should not call him the Fat Controller to his face.


  • When the engines enter the tunnel on the return to Sodor, Bash and Dash are in their pre-Misty Island Rescue condition.
  • While Thomas is showing Edward the Zip-Line Bridge, his mouth does not move while he is talking.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Azərbaycanca Cobi ağacı
Catalan Troncs que surten volant
Chinese 会飞的木头
Czech Skákajíci klády
Danish Flyvende jobi-stammer
Finnish Pomppivat Jobit
French Des arbres sauteurs
German Vorsicht, Jobiholz!
Greek Το Ομιχλωδες νησί
Hungarian Jóbi szállítás
Japanese トーマスとジョビのき
Korean 조비 나무를 찾아서
Norwegian Sprettende jobi-trær
Polish Wyprawa po Drewno
Portuguese Madeira jobi saltante! / O carregamento de madeira de jobi
Romanian Buștenii Jobi Săritori
Russian Летающее дерево
Spanish Madera Jobi saltarina
Swedish Hoppande jobiträ
Thai ไม้โจบิกับโธมัสหัวรั้น
Welsh Logiau bywiog

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