This article is about 'the 2011 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode or the 2016 magazine story'.

Jumping Jobi Wood is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


The Mayor of Sodor wants some Jobi Wood to construct a summerhouse. Thomas is excited; this means a trip to Misty Island. He asks the Fat Controller, who tells him to go with Edward to collect the logs. Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand want to go too, but both Thomas and the Fat Controller do not think it is necessary for them to go. On Misty Island, Edward thinks the place is very strange and Thomas takes him on a tour. Edward sees the Saw Mill and is just going across the Shake Shake Bridge when he stops because he is too scared to go on.

The Logging Locos go to Misty Island anyway and ask if they could help, but Thomas sends them away. Then, Ol' Wheezy starts throwing Jobi logs, some of them hitting Edward. Next, Thomas goes to Hee-Haw who is out of oil and spluttering smoke which covers the Fat Controller, who has just arrived. He is very cross and demands an explanation. Thomas is sorry and rushes to find the Logging Locos who know just what to do.

Edward is removed from the bridge, Hee-Haw is filled with oil, and they all head back to Sodor. The Fat Controller is very pleased to see his engines with the Jobi wood at last!




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