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“You've caused confusion and delay, James!”
―the Fat Controller

Keeping up with James is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using photographs from the television series.


One day, the Fat Controller tells the engines that they are all to be fitted with snowploughs. He needs the engines to clear the lines and afterwards, he will need an engine to haul the presents train.

James goes to clear the line with Edward who is working very slow. James wants to work fast so that he will be chosen to pull the presents train. Edward tells James to slow down, but James ignores him. James' wheels start to slip and slide and, braking hard, he crashes into the snow. James is stuck.

Soon, the Fat Controller arrives and he is very cross. He gives the job of pulling the presents train to Edward. James asks if he can be Edward's back engine if he promises to go slow. The Fat Controller decides to give James a second chance and agrees.

James and Edward go very carefully with the presents train and they soon arrive safely at the main station. All the children cheer and the two engines feel very proud.





  • When James crashes, he suddenly gains some coal trucks.


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