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Kellsthorpe Road or just Kellsthorpe is a town on Sodor. Its station is located on the Main Line and serves as the junction station for the Kirk Ronan Branch Line.


The Railway Series

The town of Kellsthorpe gets its name from Thorkell of Norwich. He and Godred Crovan fought on opposite sides at the Battle of Stamford Bridge (1066). Both were wounded and struck up a friendship afterwards. When Saxon resistance to William I collapsed in 1067, Thorkell marched his men across to the Lancashire coast. They were welcomed in Sodor by Jarl Ogmund, and granted land in return for help when required in the defence of the Island.[1]

Thorkell's descendants, the Kellson family, still live here and are well known on the Island. Many of the towns other inhabitants can also trace their lineage back to Thorkell's men. The station is inconveniently located about 2.5 miles away from the town of Kellsthorpe.

James' bootlace incident happened a mile east of the station, while Edward once caught a runaway James west of the station. Donald and Douglas rescued Henry from a snowdrift also west of the station and Henry started his "super-rescue" at a signal box and level crossing here.[2]

The station consists of two platforms connected by a footbridge, with the northern platform having the station building.

Thomas & Friends

When Kellsthorpe Road was being built into a new station, Thomas had the job of taking workmen to and from the construction site with Annie and Clarabel. There is a difficult bend before the station that Thomas had trouble navigating, but was able to do so with his coaches advice. When his coaches were sent to the Works for a refit, Thomas derailed at the bend. Shortly after he was re-railed, he noticed some trucks from Edward's train heading towards the station at high speed. Fortunately, he was able to warn a signalman who diverted the trucks into a siding, preventing any damage to the station. The following day, Kellsthorpe Road's Grand Opening took place and was a great success.

The station has five platforms, connected by a long footbridge and two buildings, with the northern platform having the main building and the central platforms having a smaller building, which includes an ice cream shop. It also has a signal box and a small yard. Gordon and the Express stop here.