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“All aboard for a big adventure!”
―Hiro and Kenji

Kenji on the Rails Again is the eighteenth episode of the twenty-fourth series.


A ship is scheduled to deliver cargo to Japan, which means Kenji finally has the chance to go home. Thomas is to escort Kenji to the docks, but Kenji suddenly disappears. No matter where Thomas looks, Kenji hides further and further every time. Time is running out, and the ship has to depart soon. Hiro reminds Thomas how long it took to find him when he was broken down in the Whistling Woods, so the two of them both go there. In Hiro's old hideout, they finally find Kenji, who explains that the reason he hid was because he is scared to travel on the ship alone. Hiro, having missed Japan himself, offers to keep Kenji company, which makes Kenji feel better. Soon, both of them are on the ship, and Kenji is much more comfortable with Hiro by his side. Thomas promises to visit them as he watches his two friends depart aboard the ship.





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  • Going by production order, this is the sixteenth episode of the twenty-fourth series.
  • This episode marks the only occurrence of a few things:
    • Hiro, Victor and Tom Tipper's only appearances in the twenty-fourth series, as well as Hiro's only appearance in the Big World! Big Adventures! era, thus following Hiro’s first appearance since the twentieth series episode, Letters to Santa.
    • The only time Stafford is referred to by name in the twenty-fourth series, let alone the entire Big World! Big Adventures! era.
    • The only appearance of Hiro's Hideout in the twenty-fourth series.
  • This episode marks the last occurrence of a few things:
    • Victor, Reg and Tom Tipper's last appearances, as well as the last time Stafford is acknowledged in any way.
    • Henry, Hiro and Kenji's last appearances in the original series.
    • The last appearance of Hiro's Hideout.
    • The last episode to have Togo Igawa, Matt McCooey, David Bedella, and Tim Whitnall as part of the voice cast.
  • Thomas remembering the time he went to China references the events of Big World! Big Adventures!, as well as Hiro also remembering the time he had broken down in his hideout and how he was found much later by Thomas mentions the events of Hero of the Rails. Hiro and Kenji also say the rebrand's tagline when they are leaving for their home country, the third instance since Thomas and the Forest Engines where someone other than Thomas says it.
  • When Kenji thanks Sir Topham Hatt, he can be seen dipping his front section while closing his eyes. This is presumably a form of bowing, a common way to show respect in Japanese culture.
  • In Poland, this episode premiered before A New Arrival, so the audience would not know who Kenji or Ruth are.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Kenji nos Trilhos de Novo
Dutch Kenji Terug op de Rails
Estonian Kenji Jälle Rööbastel
Greek Ο Κέντζι και πάλι στον σιδηρόδρομο
Hebrew קנג'י שוב עולה על המסילה
Italian Kenji Torna in Giappone
Latin American Spanish Kenji en las Vías Otra Vez
Latvian Kendži ir Atkal uz Sliedēm
Lithuanian Kendžis ir vėl ant Bėgių
Polish Kenji Znów Na Torach
Russian Пора домой

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