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“I told you to mind your own business!”

Kevin's Cranky Friend is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One busy day, Cranky is moving loads from the ships at the docks when he net suddenly snaps and he spills cabbages everywhere. The Fat Controller decides that he needs some help, but Cranky does not want any.

Kevin arrives from the Sodor Steamworks. He is keen and eager to help Cranky, but the big crane tells Kevin to go away. Kevin is upset as he really wants to help Cranky. Kevin decides to make himself useful by clearing up some pipes that Cranky has dropped. Cranky tells Kevin to stop getting in the way and bothering him. Next, Cranky drops a load of chickens who run all around the docks, flapping noisily. Kevin catches all of the chickens, but Cranky is still cross with him. Salty tells Kevin not to worry about it as Cranky is always grumpy when he is busy.

Kevin tries even harder to be helpful. Kevin chases a barrel which is rolling towards the sea, but he cannot stop himself and tumbles into the water. Cranky fishes Kevin out of the water and tells Kevin that he should have minded his own business. Then, the Fat Controller arrives and starts to shout at Kevin, too. Cranky feels bad for Kevin and decides to speak up and defend the little crane. Cranky confesses to knocking over the barrel and tells Sir Topham Hatt that Kevin was only trying to help. Cranky says that having Kevin's help is great. After all, two hooks are better than one.





  • In the image of Kevin hanging from Cranky's hook, Kevin is duplicated.


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