Mr Kevin Volley (1903-) was a former North Western Railway employee.


Kevin Volley was born in Ffarquhar in 1903, and joined the NWR as a lad (junior porter) at Knapford in 1915, at the age of 12. He was promoted to Porter there in 1921, and became Booking Clerk at Elsbridge in 1927. He was appointed Stationmaster at Ffarquhar in 1936, Knapford in 1956 and Cronk in 1960. He retired in 1968, at the age of 65, and now lives at Ffarquhar, a sprightly old gentleman with a fund of reminiscence about early days on the Ffarquhar Branch Line. During his time at Ffarquhar, two Coffee Pots were still in service, which he would later describe as "magnificent machines".

On 23rd August 1983, after receiving several questions, he wrote a letter to the Thin Clergyman for his gazette about Sodor in order to help clear up misconceptions and inaccuracies about Ffarquhar in the Clergyman's books, which had vexed the people of the town for some time. In 1987, he was the oldest surviving NWR employee.


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