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Killaban is a village located south of Cronk and southwest of Killdane. It only appeared in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


The Railway Series

Killaban is named after the 6th Century missionary of the Iona School, Saint Abban. Like St. Luoc, he landed in Suddery Bay, but on the eastern shore. It is doubtless he made here, as well as Kellaby, his headquarters. The church here is dedicated to him, and Sudrian historian Canon Nicholas Dreswick served as Vicar there from 1901 to 1919.

There is a road that connects Killaban with Balladrine.

Thomas & Friends

Killaban is served by a railway station which is on the Main Line Loop. The station consists of two platforms, with the northern platform having the station building, and with three lines passing through. Jem Cole's Yard is located here.

Thomas once had to take a train here to connect with Gordon's express, though the former was late. The two discussed this, as well as Mr. Conductor's impending visit to Sodor, when Diesel 10 raced through the station, frightening both engines and Annie and Clarabel.



  • The station building was a retooling and recolouring of Maithwaite.
    • As a result, Killaban appears to be based on Angerton railway station.
  • Killaban was the only station on Sodor shown in the film with the exception of Knapford.
  • The appearance of the station differs between promotional material for Thomas and the Magic Railroad and the final film:
    • A footbridge connecting the two platforms is seen as part of the station in promotional material.
    • In the promotional material, the station has two tracks running through it, but there are three tracks seen in the film.


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