This article is about King Godred. You may be looking for the mountain engine, Godred MacHarold or Godred Crovan.

King Godred was the most beloved and famous king of Sodor.


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King Godred lived in Ulfstead Castle and fought off invaders from the island with the aid of his knights in armour. Life was good under Godred's reign and it was considered a Golden Age and Godred wore a golden crown. At some point, King Godred's crown was stolen by thieves. The thieves were caught, but the crown was not seen again for hundreds of years. Many years later, Sir Robert Norramby restored King Godred's castle and wanted the crown to complete his plan. Stephen eventually found the crown in the Ulfstead Mine. Two thieves would later attempt to steal the crown from the castle, but were foiled by Toby and his crew.


Thomas & Friends




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