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This article is about the bridge. You may be looking for the station on the Mid-Sodor Railway.

King Orry's Bridge is a medieval bridge that crosses the Hawin Ab. It is located just to the south of Peel Godred.


Leaving Kirk Machan, a train for Peel Godred burrows under the Culdee Fell Railway, and crosses the River Ab by a plate girder bridge. Away to the left a substantial road bridge has been built to by-pass a bridge of medieval construction which stands on the east side of the new structure. This is King Orry’s Bridge, now preserved by The Sodor Island Trust. The modern bridge provides the only access to Peel Godred from the south.

The name is not strictly accurate as this bridge replaced the ford which was the only way of crossing the river in King Orry’s time. It was at this ford that in 984 King Godred MacHarold trapped and routed a strong invading force led by Sigurd the Stout, Earl of Orkney.[1]

The Mid Sodor Railway moved their terminus from Arlesdale Road to a more commodious site near here around 1900. This was much more convenient for those who wished to reach the shopping centre of Peel Godred.[2]


  • Prior to Sodor's history being finalized, the bridge was known as Crovan's Bridge.[3]