“Let's make him call us 'Your Majesty'!”
―James planning to tease Thomas[src]

King Thomas is a magazine story.


One night, the Fat Controller tells the engines some stories about the Kings of England. Henry is proud that there have been eight kings named Henry, James and Edward are pleased to have royal names too. Thomas does not share his name with royalty and the other engines think they are more important than he. Next morning, Thomas is tasked with taking some wood to the building site of a new cinema called "The Crown" . When there, Thomas waits patiently in a siding next to the cinema. On the roof, two workmen were carrying a wooden crown to hang above the cinema's name. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows it out of their hands and rolls it across the roof. It then lands, and becomes jammed, on Thomas' funnel.

Back at the yard, Henry, James, and Edward are waiting to tease Thomas again. But they get a huge shock when Thomas rolls in wearing a giant crown. The engines apologise, but Thomas makes sure that they call him "King Thomas" until the crown is removed.




  • Thomas' funnel is referred to as a "chimney"; a US term.
  • The yellow lining around Thomas' cab is missing.
  • In the first illustration, the heads of Henry's cylinders are red rather than green.


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