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“What are you doing up there?"
"They're turning me into an aeroplane!”
―Henry and Stephen joking

King of the Railway is a book based on the special of the same name.


Thomas the Tank Engine discovers mysteries of the past—and may even find a treasure!—when a stranger comes to the Island of Sodor. Train-obsessed little boys and girls ages 3–7 will thrill to this retelling of the newest Thomas & Friends direct-to-DVD/Blue-ray movie, King of the Railway.



  • Apart from two illustrations, Stephen does not have a driver.
  • Jack is missing his number. The front of his cab is also black.
  • Connor's name is misspelled as "Conner" on his nameplate.
  • James and Percy are said to toot their horns, but steam engines have whistles.
  • The word "a" is missing from the Earl's following quote: "You are very important engine with a special job to do".
  • In two illustrations, Victor is missing the Steamworks' logo on the side of his cab.
  • The Earl says that he promised to be at the estate by two, but the clock in the illustration shows it is 2:58.
  • Connor and Caitlin's coaches are just normal express coaches rather than their own rake of coaches with their colour schemes.


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