The Kirk Ronan Branch Line is a little-known branch line on the North Western Railway.

Stations and Operations

The line starts at Kellsthorpe Road and calls at Rolf's Castle before ending at Kirk Ronan. The line serves the harbour here, and ore and slate from Crovan's Gate are sent here. Kirk Ronan is known as a fishing port, so fish are unloaded here. A steamer service to Dublin is operated on Tuesdays and Fridays from Kirk Ronan, so tourists may use the railway as transportation to the port.


In the television series, an extension of the branch begins near the Cement Works and heads west to Pirate's Cove at the main line loop. The Big Dipper, Sodor Bakery, Diesel 10's Mountain, the Sodor Wishing Well, The Magic Railroad, Pirate's Cove and Sodor Maritime Museum are located along the extension.

Rolling Stock


Railway Series only

Television Series only


In The Railway Series, the branch line only briefly appeared in a flashback in Very Old Engines.

In the television series, Kirk Ronan appeared in a number of fifth series episodes, most prominently in A Better View for Gordon, when Gordon crashed into the station wall during the opening ceremony. The junction to the branch has appeared frequently since the eighth series.


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