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Kirk Ronan Harbour is a harbour in Kirk Ronan.


The Railway Series

From 1865 until 1914, the harbour was part of the Sodor and Mainland Railway. They hoped to start a steamer service from the port to Dublin on Ireland but the project failed. The Crovan's Gate Mining Company made extensive use of the port for the shipment of ore from Ward Fell however. When Skarloey arrived on Sodor in 1865, he was unloaded from the P.S. Cumberland Road here and was loaded onto a conflat for Neil to take him to Crovan's Gate. This was before proper dock equipment was installed, so the ship's derricks was used to unload Skarloey. Rheneas followed a year later, in 1866.

After the Sodor and Mainland declared bankruptcy and was amalgamated with the other Sudrian railways in 1914, the harbour became part of the North Western Railway. The railway resurrected the S&M's plans to operate a daily steamer services from the port to Dublin in 1920, though after the 1925 Agreement with the LMS, these only operate on Tuesdays and Fridays as a local service.



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