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Knapford Harbour is a small port located in Knapford. It is served by the Harbour Line of Thomas' Branch Line.

In the television series, in keeping with the decision to make Knapford the Main Line terminus instead of Tidmouth, an additional harbour that takes the role of Tidmouth Harbour is situated at Knapford. This port is served by both the Main Line and Thomas' Branch Line. Henry used to pick up the Flying Kipper from here, until the service was moved to Brendam Docks in the seventeenth series.


The Railway Series

Knapford Harbour began as a wharf around 1885, connected to another wharf at Elsbridge by the lightly built, horse worked Knapford and Elsbridge Railway. It initially served as a base for A. W. Dry's drainage operations in the area, but eventually proved a disappointment. It needed constant dredging and by 1905 the cost had become prohibitive. They abandoned it and extended the line along A. W. Dry’s road to Tidmouth to use the port there. From then until 1956, the harbour remained little used.

By the mid-1950s, there was severe congestion at Tidmouth, so Sir Charles Topham Hatt launched his Knapford Harbour Improvement Scheme, using plans created by his father, to redevelop the harbour and relieve the congestion at Tidmouth. Percy was transferred from Tidmouth to assist in its construction and ultimately stayed on the branch line. All the while, Trevor was loaned from the Vicar of Wellsworth. The work caused a considerable realignment of the entire branch line and was finished in 1957.

Knapford has been useful as a supplementary harbour, but its exposed position did not enable it to provide the best answer to Sir Topham Hatt’s problem. That was why in 1966 he went north to see what could be done at the seaside town of Arlesburgh.

The southern quay is accessible from the goods branch stemming off from Thomas' Branch Line in Dryaw. According to the Thomas' Branch Line Surprise Packet Map, the northern quay has a spur from The Main Line, going over a bridge in front of the main line one and into the northern quay; however, the two quays are connected by a small bridge crossing the river which is not present on the book illustrations, but it is present on Sodor maps. There is a small railway station located by the docks, separate from the main line station.

Thomas and Friends

In the television series, Thomas and Percy are used to work at Brendam Docks instead of Knapford Harbour, Percy takes the mail from Brendam Goods Station, until the Meet the Steam Team Video dedicated to him, where is revealed to take the mail from the North Harbour.

The North Harbour is located on the north side of the River Els where it has the Sodor Trading Co., a small seaside station, and two quays, one in a high level, the other in a low level, it was here where the trucks fallen on Bulstrode and he was sent to Tidmouth Beach to be turned in to a playground.



  • While every other character from the second series had their nameboard shots taken on the set for Tidmouth Yards, only Daisy had hers taken here at Knapford Harbour.