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Knapford Sheds is an engine shed situated in Knapford Yards.

History and Operations

The Railway Series

Knapford Sheds was constructed during the rebuilding of the Ffarquhar Branch Line that occurred in 1956. It is a two berth shed located at the end of a short siding, slightly north of the station. Since shortly after Daisy's arrival in 1960, Toby, Henrietta and Elsie have generally been sheltered overnight here instead of at Ffarquhar Sheds. Victoria would join them in 2007.

Thomas & Friends

Knapford Sheds was originally a five berth roundhouse shed, built in the same architectural style as Tidmouth Sheds. The sheds were located in a windy place close to the sea, meaning that tender engines had to be on the turntable just right or they would put it out of balance. Gordon was once unable to get into the right position, and was forced to pull the express backwards. Sometime later, he fell into the nearby ditch while trying to jam the turntable, to avoid taking a goods train.

Since Series 7, it is a large eight-berth shed, with a smaller maintenance shed located alongside. Emily, Arthur, Salty, Harvey, and Murdoch were based here. Spencer also stayed here during his first visit to Sodor. The shed also consists of a repair shed and a foundry, where Bulgy was repaired and later converted into a vegetable Stand on Wheels. Thomas had to stay at Knapford Sheds with Emily after Tidmouth Sheds was demolished to make way for the new sheds, in Calling All Engines!. After the new sheds were constructed, Emily moved from here to Tidmouth. After James had an accident that resulted in Tidmouth Sheds being damaged, Thomas had to spend a week at Knapford Sheds for the second time while the main roundhouse was being repaired.

The Repair Yard was located here until it moved to Tidmouth Sheds in the eighth series.


Railway Series only

Television Series only



  • The original Series 1 sheds were later renovated to form Tidmouth Sheds by repainting, adding one berth and changing the side walls, as noted by a tooling split seen in the first to third series.
  • The large-scale model of the Narrow Gauge Breakdown Train was briefly reused as a stationary crane used for set dressing at Knapford Sheds in the seventh series.
  • In Calling All Engines!, Knapford Sheds were referred to as the Carriage Shed, and it was stated that Emily lived there on her own.
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