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Knapford Yards is a shunting yard located in Knapford. In The Railway Series, the yard only contains a few sidings and is located just in front of the station. 

In the television series however, it is much larger and has a plenty of sidings for trucks, as well as a carriage shed. It also has a high-level section of track, although it is unknown where it leads. It is located just north of the station.

Knapford Yard has been seen frequently since debuting in The Railway SeriesStafford and Charlie are based here in the television series and Stanley, Nia, Diesel and Philip have also been seen working here.


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  • Knapford Yards has had numerous modifications throughout the years:
    • Series 17:
      • The carriage shed behind the yard is removed.
      • The size of the town around the yard drastically shrinks.
    • Tale of the Brave:
      • Points are added to allow access in-between each line.
  • Since the twentieth series, a coal hopper has frequently been seen in the yards, however it disappears inbetween episodes.
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