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Knapford Yards is a shunting yard located in Knapford.


The Railway Series

Since 1956, Knapford Yards - along with the station - has been located north of the River Els as part of Sir Charles Topham Hatt's Knapford Harbour Development Scheme. The yards are rather small and only consist of a few sidings, with small coal bunkers and a water column located nearby on the station platform. In 1959, the signal box was damaged when Donald reversed into it tender-first.

Thomas & Friends

In the television series, the yards are significantly larger than they are depicted as being in the books, a consequence of Knapford becoming the main station. It is by far the largest shunting yard on the Island, and is where most of the rolling stock is stored when not in use. The yards are located north of the station and - in concept art - are referred to as the "K Zone" of Knapford.

There are several large warehouses in the yard, which at one point included the Sodor Shipping Company building. Between the eleventh and sixteenth series, a carriage shed and yard was also located behind the main goods yard.

Several engines are known to be shunters at the yards, including Stanley, Charlie, Stafford and later Philip. Before moving to Vicarstown, Rosie was also frequently seen in the yards.


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