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Kobe is a hammerhead crane who works at Dar es Salaam Docks in Tanzania. He unloads cargo from ships.


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Kobe was seen when Thomas and Nia arrived at Dar es Salaam. [1]

Later, when the Fat Controller asked the locals if anyone had seen Thomas, Kobe asked to take a look at his photo and picked him up. After looking at the photo, he told the Fat Controller that he loaded Thomas onto a ship bound for Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He then lowered him back onto the ground. [1]

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Although Kobe is a Tanzanian crane, he is actually based on an American WWII USN 20t Tower Crane. Big Mickey is also based on this crane along with the grey crane at Dar es Salaam Docks and the pink crane at Guanabara Bay.


Kobe is painted red with yellow and black hazard stripes on the sides of his body. He has a black base section.


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  • Thomas & Friends: Adventures! is currently the only piece of merchandise or media to refer to Kobe by name.
  • Kobe's model is a modified version of Big Mickey's with additional windows on the sides next to his face.
  • Kobe's face is reused from the African Trucks, reshaped to fit Big Mickey's model.


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