Kwaku is a large Tanzanian Garratt engine. He is close friends with Nia.


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Kwaku once had to bring a goods train to Dar es Salaam docks and was present when Ace and the other rally cars were racing around the dockyard. He met up with Nia and Thomas when the two brought a goods train to Dar es Salaam and he took the time to catch up on recent events with Nia. Kwaku was last seen hauling another goods train when Sir Topham Hatt had arrived at Dar es Salaam trying to find Thomas, with the former having little to no luck.[1]


Kwaku is a kind and friendly engine with a good sense of humour. He is good friends with Nia and was aware that she had lost her engine shed and had nowhere else to go. Like Nia, he is always making sure that his friends' boiler, wheels and any other engine parts are in good working order and that they are being treated well.

Technical Details


Kwaku is based on the East African Railways (EAR) 59 class, a class of 4-8-2+2-8-4 oil-fired Garratt locomotives built by Beyer, Peacock & Co. which entered service in 1955-56. These were the largest, heaviest and most powerful steam locomotives to operate on any metre gauge railway in the world and were the mainstay of freight services from Mombasa to Nairobi until the 1970s. Two surviving locomotives, No. 5918 Mount Gelai and No. 5930 Mount Shengena, are preserved by the Nairobi Railway Museum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kwaku has been partially modified from his original basis. Whereas his class is metre gauge, Kwaku has been scaled up to standard gauge. Additionally, he has been fitted with buffers and screw-link couplings, allowing him to work with British rolling stock.


Kwaku is painted red with light yellow lining. His cylinders are painted black with red lining.


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Kwaku's Whistle


  • His name is an Akan name for "born on a Wednesday".
  • Kwaku is the second articulated engine in the franchise, the first being Sam.
    • He is also the only garret locomotive in the franchise.
  • Kwaku is the only African engine besides Nia that has appeared in the series to not be a reskin of another engine.
  • Kwaku's smaller wheels are reused from Nia.
  • Kwaku's boiler and cab are from Bert's model but scaled up significantly with the face and original wheels removed and the cab extended to allow his crew to stand up in it.


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