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The LBSC Railway 8 Ton Vans are rolling stock used for transporting goods and merchandise throughout various railways.

They are also simply known as vans or trucks in the UK narration or cars in the US narration.


Thomas & Friends

When Diesel failed to shunt a rake of old trucks, some of these vans were seen singing a rude parody of "Pop Goes the Weasel" called Pop Goes the Diesel, much to Diesel's annoyance[1]. Another one of these vans laughed at Gordon, when he lost his dome. Gordon tried to wheesh them away but to no avail[2].

On one occasion, the vans (along with other Troublesome Trucks) tricked Bill and Ben where to shunt them. As a result, the yard was in a terrible mess causing the twins to be late with their evening duties[3].

When Oliver fell into the turntable well, they were one of several trucks who teased him when returned from the works. They stopped their teasing towards him, when he pulled S.C. Ruffey, their leader, apart[4].

The vans later encouraged Diesel to pull a line of 20 trucks, with their brakes on unbeknownst to Diesel. He pulled so hard that he broke loose a coupling and fall off the quay and onto a barge[5].

These vans have often been used for the Flying Kipper and have been involved in many accidents and adventures while part of the train.


These trucks fit into the category of Troublesome Trucks.

Types of sentient vans in the television series:

Technical Details


These vans are based on the LBSC Railway 8 ton vans.

Types of van designs


These vans were painted brown, grey, black and dark brown.


Thomas & Friends


Music Videos



  • Two of these vans were for a time on display at Drayton Manor.
  • There were two variations of vans, some with roof vents and some without.



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