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The LMS 12 Ton Vans are rolling stock used for transporting goods and materials throughout the railways, such as the North Western Railway.

They are also simply known as vans or trucks in the UK narration or cars in the US narration. They only appeared in the first series of the television series.


Thomas & Friends

One of these vans was part of Gordon's goods train. The van, along with the other trucks, deliberately held him back on Gordon's Hill, until Edward came to help as a "banker"[1].

A van was later part of Thomas' long goods train. The trucks grew cross with Thomas ordering them to move on and pushed him down Gordon's Hill, but Thomas and his crew managed to stop when they reached Maron[2].


Despite not having a visible face, they are depicted as being sentient and are described as being Troublesome Trucks.

Technical Details


The LMS 12 ton vans are based on the real LMS Diagram 1828 12 ton covered steel vans that are used on the railways, such as British Railways.


The LMS 12 ton vans are painted in the same shade of brown. They have rooftops painted in the same shade of dark grey.



  • Only one model of this type of van existed. It was constructed out of a Tenmille kit.
  • This van bares resemblance to the LNER 12 Ton Vans most likely due to the fact that the LNER 12 Ton Vans replaced them .
  • These vans only appear in Series 1.


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