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The LMS 20 Ton Brake Vans are a standard type of goods brake van.

These brake vans are added to the back of a goods train and a guard operates them. Each brake van is equipped with a strong brake to assist with slowing and stopping the train. From here, the guard can keep an eye on the train in case of problems, such as hot axle boxes, or trucks becoming uncoupled while running.


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These brake vans are commonly seen on the back of goods and freight trains. They first appeared in the sixteenth season. The brake vans have also been used as part of the Mail Train and the Flying Kipper.

One of these brake vans was once part of a train of trucks loaded of stone pulled by Thomas. When they reached Gordon's Hill, the trucks pushed Thomas down the hill and the brake van was not strong enough to hold back the weight of the heavy trucks. The train was stopped by some buffers at Maron station[1].

While pulling a goods train to the Mainland, Henry bashed into the back of Hiro's brake van due to a faulty signal at Vicarstown. Henry derailed, and dangled dangerously over the edge of the viaduct[2].


Bradford is the only known brake van this design to be sentient.

Bradford the Brake Van:

Technical Details


These brake vans are based on the standard LMS 20 ton brake vans. A handful today survive in preservation on heritage railways around the UK.


These brake vans are commonly painted dull orange with white lining, although a red variant has been seen in Blue Mountain Mystery.

Only Bradford is painted two-tone green with a red stripe and gold numbering.


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  • To date, Bradford is the only known brake van of this design to have a face.


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