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The Suburban Coaches are passenger railway coaches built by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS).

In the Railway Series, these coaches are commonly used for passenger trains on the North Western Railway. They have also been used for the Wild Nor' Wester and Limited express trains.


The Railway Series

James once bumped the coaches so hard, that Jeremiah Jobling's bootlace had to be obtained to mend the broken brake pipe[1].

These coaches were later used for the Wild Nor' Wester between 1984 and 2011. They were replaced by Pip and Emma and their special lightweight coaches[2].


These coaches are sentient. Like many coaches on Sodor, they do not appreciate being bumped by an engine, and if they are not handled properly, they can get back at their engine. Especially if their brake-pipe is damaged from rough treatment, they will refuse to go further, as shown when James damaged a brake-pipe for bumping his coaches and speeding.

List of known named sentient coaches:

Technical Details


These coaches are on LMS Suburban Coaches. Two variants have been seen, non-corridor and corridor coaches. In the Railway Series, Annie and Clarabel share the same basis.

Types of designs in the Railway Series:


The coaches were primarily painted orange until around 1984, when they were repainted brown with a yellow stripe. There were also some blue and white coaches.


The Railway Series

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