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Lady is a small, Victorian-styled tank engine who serves as the guardian of the Magic Railroad, using her magic to keep the worlds of Shining Time and Sodor alive. She is owned and protected by Burnett Stone, her driver.


Thomas & Friends

Lady once came to the Island of Sodor a long time ago, when she was found by Diesel 10, the evil diesel engine who wanted to destroy her. Lady and Burnett Stone both ran away from him, but during the chase, Burnett used up all her coal and made her go too fast, causing Diesel 10 to catch up and crash her. Lady was taken back to Muffle Mountain and stored inside Burnett's workshop, where he spent years desperately trying to restore her to working order, but he did not have the right coal to make her steam.

Years later, Lady was still out of service, and without her, the Magic Railroad began to lose its magical energy. That all changed when Lily, Burnett's granddaughter, and Thomas brought a truck of coal from Sodor to Muffle Mountain, which proved to be the coal necessary to make her steam. Lady's face was revealed when she came back to life and she and Thomas returned to Sodor, where they were once again chased by Diesel 10, excluding Splatter and Dodge. Lady, Burnett, and Thomas successfully managed to defeat Diesel 10 and she gave the Conductor Family the Gold Dust they needed.

In Calling All Engines!, when the steam and diesel engines were facing a fallout, Lady and Rusty both appeared in a dream of Thomas'. She told him how to resolve the conflict between the two kinds of engines, by working together regardless of their differences.


Lady is a very special engine who holds the secret to the Magic Railroad. When she moves along the rails, she spreads Gold Dust with her special powers. She has been known to help Thomas and his friends, when there is no one else to turn to.

Lady is a kind, wise engine who is respectful to both humans and other engines alike. She tries her best to help others either directly or through dispensing sage advice. She appears to be friends with Thomas.

Technical Details


Lady is a freelance design, created by the designers on Thomas and the Magic Railroad.[2]

One of Lady's concept art images depicts her as a 2-2-2 resembling Gazelle, a Dodman & Co 0-4-2WT locomotive from the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway.

David Eves originally intended Lady to be based on the GWR 3031 Class. However, Britt Allcroft wanted her to be a small engine.[3] Coincidentally, the Hornby Emily was manufactured using a repainted GWR 3031 Class.[4]


Lady is painted red-violet with gold headlamps on her front footplate, tail lamp, gold buffers, smokebox, funnel top, dome, whistle, side rods, lining and her name on each side in gold. She is also painted a very dark purple on her cab roof, lower funnel section and her footplate.


Official Description

From Official Website[1]

Lady: Lady is a very special engine who holds the secret to the Magic Railroad. With her use of the magic gold dust, she was able to travel to the Island of Sodor and help Thomas defeat Diesel 10.

Fun Fact: Lady's face will only appear when she is on the Island of Sodor.

Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Thomas and the Magic Railroad Thomas and the Magic Railroad


In Calling All Engines! (Leapster), to Fun Cubes, Lady is portrayed with a bell that would later be reused for Flora.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Calling All Engines! (Leapster) Fun Cubes


  • Lady is the first standard-gauge steam engine in the television series not to be created by the Rev. W Awdry.
  • She was the first female steam engine and tank engine introduced in the television series and the third female engine overall, the first being Daisy and the second being Mavis.
    • She is also the first character to be voiced by an episode writer. Aiden would later be the second.
  • Her face is only visible on the Island of Sodor and the Magic Railroad, but not in Shining Time.
  • According to model maker Chris Lloyd in his interview with SiF, the reason why Lady was only featured in a dream sequence in Calling All Engines! and was not meant to be seen again in the series was because in the show's continuity, Lady is not real. This could imply that Thomas and the Magic Railroad is not canon to the show.
  • Lady's ERTL prototype toy was a repaint of Rheneas/Smudger, albeit using a different, unused, face.
  • Several promo images and toys incorrectly depict her cab roof, lower funnel section and her footplate black instead of dark purple. Both ERTL and Brio depict her lower funnel section gold instead of dark purple.
  • Lady's whistle sound was later reused for Millie. It was mistakenly reused for Hiro, but in the Misty Island Rescue PC Game. It was also heard in the 2000 film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, as well as the 2004 film, Home on the Range, and the theme song for the 2020 television series, The Adventures of Paddington.
  • Lady has a coupling on her back, but not on her front. The same would later happen with Lexi and Beau.
  • Lady has a cover for her coal bunker.
  • Lady's replica model is currently on display at the Hara Model Railway Museum.
    • The replica model has exposed coal in her coal bunker.
  • Originally, Lady was not going to have a speaking role in Thomas and the Magic Railroad; her only way of communicating was telepathically with Thomas when he was on Muffle Mountain and her whistle. In the original script, as Thomas can understand Lady telepathically, he can also understand her pain and sadness. Thomas talks to her, but gets no verbal response from her. She was later given lines to help smooth over cuts made to the film.
    • Also in the original script and original cut of the film, P.T. Boomer was actually the real culprit who crashed Lady. When Burnett and Boomer were young, the latter did not believe or understand anything about magic and was jealous of Burnett and Tasha's relationship. He took revenge and found Lady and threatened to destroy her if Burnett did not let him drive her. So Burnett gave in to the bully and Boomer drove Lady and he crashed her. After Boomer left, Burnett took Lady to his workshop in Muffle Mountain to fix her. Forty years later, Boomer returns as a dark and bitter character, bent on finding Burnett and digging into the mountain to find Lady and destroy her to complete his revenge and believes in greed and money.
  • Lady was voiced by Britt Allcroft herself and is the only known role she had in terms of voice.
  • In some games and her ride at Drayton Manor Theme Park, she had a bell sound, despite never physically having a bell on-screen although her dome does resemble a bell. This sound would later be reused for Flora. It was also mistakenly reused for Toby in some games as well as The Official Website, Speakaboos and Thomas' Magical Birthday Wishes.
  • On 24th November 2017, the life-sized prop was listed for sale on LetGo.[5] The model is currently in a state of disrepair, being repainted, the funnel shortened and details such as lamps, buffers, dome, whistle and coal bunker removed. The money ($2000 USD) had been gathered to purchase it.[6] Lady was soon moved to a storage facility awaiting repair in Florida where it will be restored. But as of now, there were currently no plans to restore the prop.
    • Her new owners go under the name "Restore the Magic", a non-profit organization who have campaigned to try and release the director's cut to Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • Lady had a total of seven facial expressions, four of which were never shown on-screen. However, her smiling face appeared in her promotional image from Calling All Engines!
  • According to the statements of Stefan Knothe, Lady was originally called Damsel in the Polish dub of Calling All Engines!
  • Lady is the first magical engine to be introduced in the television series, the second being Proteus.


“She's as precious as gold.”
―Burnett Stone describing Lady
“So Burnett, you didn't forget about magic, it's safe inside you.”
―Lady to Burnett, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
“Well Lady, this is your Shining Time too."
"With your help!"
(Uncut Version) "I hope so!" (Edited Version)
―Burnett and Lady, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
“Lady, you're a Really Helpful Engine."
"And helping each other brings to life the magic in all of us!”
―Thomas and Lady, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
“We always finish our jobs when we work together.”
―Lady to Thomas, Calling All Engines!