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Jane, Lady Hatt (née Brown) is Sir Topham Hatt's wife and the sister of Sir Handel Brown I. She is very kind towards the engines.


The Railway Series

Jane Brown married Mr Topham Hatt in 1910, and they had two children together; Barbara Jane, born the year after their marriage, in 1911, and Charles Topham, born three years later in 1914. Upon Topham receiving a Baronetcy in 1948, Jane became Lady Hatt. She lived with her husband in Wellsworth. She became a widow upon her husband's death in 1956.

Thomas & Friends

Lady Hatt occasionally helps her husband with railway business, and the engines sometimes go to extreme lengths to help throw parties for her birthday. She likes the railway but had a certain dislike for Annie and Clarabel until they were cleaned and repainted. Although her husband runs a railway, she likes a day out on a boat or in their car.

Percy once had the job of taking Lady Hatt to Great Waterton for a surprise; to see the brass band.

On one Valentine's Day, Lady Hatt was given a pet cat and bunches of roses by her husband and then was showered with beautiful lights.


The engines are extremely fond of her and like when she visits the railway or rides in one of their coaches. A kind and gentle woman, Lady Hatt usually praises the engines for their good deeds. However, at times Lady Hatt can be prone to complaining. She complained about Annie and Clarabel's poor state saying they looked like beach huts and she also got upset when her husband suggested taking a hot air balloon to the grand opening of Rumblin Bridge.


In the first series, Lady Hatt's original outfit consisted of a white top with a light blue blouse with matching trousers. Her hair was also short.

In the third series, Lady Hatt was portrayed wearing a blue button-down. However, the rest of her attire is not shown. Her figure also slimmed and remains the appearance from the third series onwards.

In the book Stop, Train, Stop!, Lady Hatt briefly was shown wearing purple outfit containing a light purple T-shirt and a dark purple skirt strapped in a black belt.

In the fifth series, as well as a portrait image cameo in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, her attire consisted of a pink shirt with an indigo sweater with a white pearl necklace. However, in Lady's Hatt's Birthday Party, she was seen wearing a pink evening gown in the ending sequence.

From the seventh series onward, Lady Hatt's current outfit consists of a blue dress combined with a white trim sweater with a pink heart pin, with matching shoes, and matching hat with a pink hatband and matching flower.

In The Green Controller and in a cameo in Topped Off Thomas, Lady Hatt's appearance temporarily changed; the outfit she had on was a light blue two-button dress with a beige hat with a black hatband. She has ever since returned to her seventh series onward outfit. However, her model that was used in both Series 10 episodes was reused in the crowd in Toby's Triumph.


The Railway Series

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Magazine Stories

Lady Hatt also appeared in the magazine stories, A Friend's Party, A Hole in One, Happy Holiday!, Keeping Dry, Lights On, Puzzles, Scaredy Puffer!, Snap Happy, Sodor's Strong Man, Station Mystery, The Hallowe'en Special, The Tiny Engine, and Working Whistles.

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  • According to Lady Hatt's Birthday Party, Lady Hatt's birthday is during the summer.
  • Lady Hatt is the only human character to have a name card.
  • In the Magazines, Lady Hatt is commonly referred to as "Lady Topham Hatt". This was what the Wooden Railway called her as well. She is occasionally mistaken for Dowager Hatt also.
    • For example, as she was mentioned in Who's Geoffrey? her husband also mentions her in the Czech dubbing as Dowager Hatt.
  • Lady Hatt's appearance has changed drastically throughout the series:
    • In the third series, Lady Hatt's appearance changed almost entirely as she gained longer hair, lost her irises, start wearing eyeshadow, and donned a blouse.
    • In the seventh series, she had less makeup on.
    • From the twelfth series onwards, she had red lipstick.
    • Her eye colour has also changed several times, they were blue in series one, black in series three through nine, blue again in The Green Controller, black again from the rest of series ten until The Great Discovery, and brown from series twelve and onwards.