Lakesider III is a paddlewheel steam tugboat which works at Lakeside on the Skarloey Railway. It was once sent to work at Tidmouth Harbour.

Behind the Scenes

Lakesider III's model was recycled from O.J., a character from TUGS. Following the latter series cancellation, the models used in it were acquired by Britt Allcroft for use as set dressing in Thomas & Friends. In late 2012, prior to being sold to the Star Tugs Trust, Lakesider III's wheelhouse was replaced with O.J's head. The model was later purchased by the Star Tugs Trust in early 2013, where it was refitted with O.J.'s funnel and glasses.

Technical Details


Lakesider III is based on the Eppleton Hall, the last surviving Tyne-built paddle tug. Built in 1914, she was designed to tow seagoing colliers from sea to wharf side and back, primarily in the River Wear and to and from the River Tyne. In 1952, she was modified to be able to carry passengers. Eppleton Hall was retired in 1967 and partially scrapped. It was preserved by the San Francisco Maritime Museum in the USA, after a two year dispute with the British National Maritime Museum. She was extensively modified in order to cross the Atlantic Ocean under her own power, a journey which she completed in 6 months, arriving in San Francisco in late March 1970. She is now moored at the Hyde Street Pier.


Lakesider III's hull is painted black, its bottom is painted red and its superstructure is painted white. Its funnel is painted both black and white. It is decorated by various coloured flags



  • In a Japanese magazine adaptation of Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady, Lakesider III was seen speaking with a speech bubble, despite not being known to be sentient.


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